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Puerto Rico’s role in the defense of the nation since the beginning of the war on terrorism initiated after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Volume 8, Number 43

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Feds Raid IAU As Strike Drags On

With Twelve Days To Go, Who Will It Be?
Status Dominates Last Debate...
Status Dominates Last Debate... Bar Association Denounces IAU Raid, Resumption Of ASA, IAU Negotiations Urged… Calderon’s Public Salary Increases Hailed… Martin Goes After Sex Tourism… PRIIF Hearings Suspended… Fortuño Defends Sales Tax Proposal… Sports Museum To Be Presented… Federal Agents Raid IAU Headquarters
U.S. Gov. Increases PR Spending By $600m…
U.S. Government Increases PR Spending By $600m, 21.89% Fed Funds Increase Under Calderon Touted… Gonzalez Claims Education Funds Go Unused… 'Fly Free' To PR… Miranda Says Racetrack Bankruptcy Won’t Affect Operations… Amy Back In Saddle… Hernández Colón Campaigns For PDP… Disaster Recovery Update, Eastern Towns Receive FEMA Aid For Jeanne
San Juan Mayoral Candidates Debate…
San Juan Mayoral Candidates Debate, Disagree… Aviary Commemorates Mayaguez Zoo’s 50th Anniversary…Ticket Center Sues Popular… "Autentico"… Aiming For Beltran… Hispanics Slow To Seek Treatment…Murder Musical Is Killed Off…Senate OKs Weapons Ban Resolution… Miss Salinas Crowned Miss PR Universe ’05… Strikers Get $300 From Union… Governor: PDP Doesn’t Defend Itself

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
P.R. Hosts World’s Largest Amateur Golf Event
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Utuado: The Keeper Of The Sacred And The Beautiful
  Washington Update

Democrats In States Attack Bush On Puerto Rico For Puerto Rican Vote


The Economy Is A Matter Of Status: Puerto Rico’s Most Important Political Decision

Breaking The Language Barrier

  Island Politics
Who Will Lower Taxes: Rossello Or Acevedo Vila?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Leader Of New Political Party Focusing On The People, Not Status

  Public Opinion

Poll: Florida Battle Still A Tossup…Voter Rolls Swell Along I-4 Corridor

  The Local Scene
After Storms, `A Long, Hard Climb Out'…Lessons From Jeanne…Better-Built Housing Is The Best Hurricane Protection
  Culture • Heritage • Language

Love For Life Shines Through In Artist's Work… A Paoli Artist Paints The Spirit Of Early Caribbean Indians

Salad And A Side Of Flying Saucers

Latin's In Fashion -- Hottest Trend In Clothing Has A Saucy Salsa Flavor


Puerto Rico Mixes The Best Of The U.S. & Latin America To Create A Culture All Its Own

  Sports & Entertainment

Calusa's Clemente Commits To Canes

A Vanishing League

Putting The Moves On Paris: Jamaica Plain Dancers Get A Chance To Salsa In The City Of Lights

PRLDEF Elects New Board Chair; Adopts $2.2m Budget
Hispanic Immigrants Building Place In City Growth: The Transformation Of Neighborhoods Into Diverse Latino Communities
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Zazii Bags Have Sass And A-List Star Potential

EPA May Target Puerto Rican Islands For Toxic Waste Cleanup

  Congress and the President

Hispanic Vote In Florida: Neither A Bloc Nor A Lock…Puerto Ricans Are Emerging As Most Prized Political Commodity…Heinz Kerry Touts Health Care

Latino Voter Registration Adds Millions To Rolls…Queens Hispanic Voters Get The Facts On Election Issues… How Voto Latino Got Things Rolling…The Poll Tax, Updated

  Business • Economics • Finance

Generation-Gap Marketing: There Are 904,000 Generation-Y Consumers In Puerto Rico Spending $2.1b A Year. How Do You Reach Them?

Stop Politicking With Puerto Rico’s Economic Development

Tax Reform Debate Heats Up: With Less Than 20 Days To Go Before Elections, PDP Reneges On Implementing Sales Tax

Guaynabo To Be Site Of $8m Commercial / Office Project

Crown Wins SouthTrust Branches

Good Vibrations: Whether It's A Croaking Frog Or A Foot-Stomping Elephant, Many Animals Use Sound Waves To Keep In Touch
"Pay to the Order of Puerto Rico"

Pay To The Order Of Puerto Rico
The Cost Of Dependence To The American Taxpayer
By Alexander Odishelidze And Arthur Laffer


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