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Puerto Rico’s role in the defense of the nation since the beginning of the war on terrorism initiated after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Volume 8, Number 40

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The Political Brawl

With Four Weeks To Go, Who Will It Be?
Calderon Urged To Approve Vieques Plan…
Calderon Urged To Approve Vieques Plan…31,309 Request FEMA Aid…Romero Seeks Fed Hearing On Acevedo Donations… Pesquera Will Get Write-In Votes… Romeu Sues PRIDCO… $46m Invested In Megaport… Munitions Expert Checks Vieques Beaches…UT Inaugural After Elections… EDB Touts Job Creation… H-P Increasing R&D… FEMA Opens Aid Centers
20th Puerto Rican Soldier Killed In Iraq…
20th Puerto Rican Soldier Killed In Iraq… SJ Preservationists Ignored… Recycling Firms Get Tax Credits… Families Affected By Jeanne Aided… 4 Beaches Up For Blue Flag… VA Hospital Certified… Little Hope For PRIIF Inquiry… FEMA Asks Homeowners To Verify Insurance… NPP Claims Budget’s Unbalanced… Improved Gov’t Emergency Response Sought
Power Almost 100% Restored…
Power Almost 100% Restored… Island’s Warmer… Campaigns Get Hotter… $2m Storm Aid OK’d… Lopez Wins By TKO… Coqui Recuperation Plan Ready… Justice: PRIIF Statute Of Limitations Has Run Out… Insults Fly At Gubernatorial Debate… Feds Interested In UT Contract Auctions… Conservation Trust Will Replant Trees… Acevedo: Presidential Vote "Impossible"

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Trinidad Takes Center Stage
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Museum Hopping Beats The Post-Hurricane Blues
  Washington Update

U.S. Justice: Residents Of "Commonwealth" Can Vote For President… Tax Cut For Island Businesses Acevedo Didn’t Want May Expand… More Hurricane Jeanne Appropriations Sought

On The Nature Of Commonwealth IV
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

The History Of U.S. Foreign Policy Has Been A Search For Identity

  Island Politics

New Commonwealth: Economic And Political Implications

Kids Rediscover Culture Of Kin

  The Local Scene
Dalai Lama Praises Puerto Rico For Rejecting Death Penalty… Puerto Ricans Want Answers About Power Shutdown

El Rey De La Papa -- The Potato King: How Do You Spell Regret? One Man's Take On It

  Public Opinion

The Race Is Still Kerry’s To Lose… 60% Of Young Male Voters Say War In Iraq, "Not The Right Decision"… Gender Gap Non-Existent In 2004 Election

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Esmeralda Santiago's 'One Book'… A Bicultural Life On Paper And In Film… 'I Am My Own Home'

Parade Welcomes All Latinos… A Banner Day For Puerto Rico

Art Of Hispanics Is Getting Attention Of Global Audience

"For The Ecology-Minded..."
  Sports & Entertainment
Roberto Clemente Day Proclaimed As Part Of Hispanic Heritage Month… Nominees For The 2004 Roberto Clemente Award

'Papo' Vazquez: Charting Future Of Afro-Puerto Rican Music… Inspired By The Complexities Of Back-Country Troubadours

Strangers In The Barrio, Testing Cultural Flexibility

Ocean View Leader Teaching Traditional Scouting Values, With A Cultural Twist

Time For New Report Card On Neighborhood Schools In Hub

  Puerto Rico Profiles

Master Of Shell Game Is Retiring


Desktop Traveler / Vieques

  Congress and the President
State Hispanic Vote Could Make Difference… Winning Hispanic Votes Is Tricky For Bush, Kerry

Who'd Make U.S. Safer? Amid War, Voters Face Key Choice… 'Por Bush? Por Kerry?'; Liberals, Conservatives Target Specific Groups To Get Out The Vote

Business • Economics • Finance

Needed: A New Labor Consensus:
Local Labor Laws Are Scaring Off Businesses, Yet Labor Unions Want More Benefits. We Have To Solve This Dilemma For The Benefit Of All

The Time Has Come

Electrical System Collapsed During Jeanne

Commonwealth Budget Deficits Trigger Negative Outlook For Credit

Moody's: Puerto Rico Now Negative; Deficit Borrowing, Pension Fund Cited

Latinclips & Hispanic Digital Network Conduct National Hispanic Publications Audit - Results Indicate An Overwhelming Online Presence


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