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Latinclips And Hispanic Digital Network Conduct National Hispanic Publications Audit

Results Indicate An Overwhelming Online Presence

June 2, 2004
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Hispanic Publications Placing Greater Focus on Quality of Information Posted

MIAMI - (BUSINESS WIRE) - June 2, 2004 - According to a national informal survey of nearly 300 top, middle and small tier Hispanic dailies, weeklies, semi-weeklies and monthlies conducted by LatinClips and the Hispanic Digital Network, 90% of Hispanic print publications either already post their content online or will be live within 18 months. The Hispanic print publications surveyed included newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

The new audit confirms data obtained from a previous survey conducted by LatinClips and Hispanic PR Wire in 2002 that showed a 75% online presence of top tier Hispanic media outlets with a projected increase to 90% by 2005. The current figure for top-tier Hispanic publications is in reality much closer to 95%.

"Not only has the number of digital Hispanic publications increased at a rapid speed, but the quality of the data that can be found is comparable to that of the general market press," said Dalia Paratore Salazar, LatinClips President. "This is exciting news for communications professionals who realize that the web is an increasingly important informational vehicle for their clients."

On average, the publications surveyed updated content based on the frequency of their print publication schedule. In addition to posting nearly 90% of the content available in their print version, 50% added current and local breaking news, some posting this data as often as hourly. Many sites also include direct wire feeds from EFE, Notimex, the Associated Press as well as paid wire services.

A catalyst to some of this change has been Hispanic Digital Network, which provides Hispanic publications across the country and in Puerto Rico with free, top rate Internet publication Web sites. "The Hispanic Digital Network has empowered many publications to either go online or improve their online presence and content," stated Claudia Phillips, Chief Operating Officer of the Hispanic Digital Network.

The survey was completed in May 2004 and focused on media from primary and secondary markets where Hispanics reside including New York, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Puerto Rico, Arizona, Colorado and DC. Media surveyed included a percentage breakdown of 5% top tier (50,000-120,000 Daily), 65% middle tier (50,000-150,000 Weekly) and 30% small tier (10,000-49,999 Weekly) publications.

About LatinClips, Inc

Miami-based LatinClips is the nation's most comprehensive ethnic media monitoring service. Its Diversity Solutions Services feature LatinClips Online, LatinClips Broadcast TV (tracks Spanish-language and mainstream TV/radio news) and LatinClips Press (print media tracking). For more information please call 1.866.LAT.CLIP and visit

About Hispanic Digital Network, Inc

Hispanic Digital Network (HDN) is the nation's first network of Hispanic publications online providing Hispanic-focused publications nationwide with free, customized news Web sites. HDN also provides an online advertising network, web design services and online publishing solutions. For more information visit or call 1-866-4-HDN-WEB.

LatinClips, Miami Christine Clavijo-Kish: 305-971-8687 or Hispanic Digital Network Claudia Phillips, 305-971-7989

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