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Puerto Rico’s role in the defense of the nation since the beginning of the war on terrorism initiated after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Volume 8, Number 38

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Sila Turns The Lights Off… Anger, Frustration Over Power Shutdown Grows

"Hispanic Heritage": What Is It?
Bush Declares Puerto Rico Disaster Area…
Bush Declares Puerto Rico Disaster Area… Calderon Requests Federal Disaster Declaration As Most Of Island Remains In The Dark… 70% Still Without Power… Rosario Defends Cutting Electricity… Prepa Takes Entire Electricity System Offline, Governor Uncertain When Service Will Be Restored
Tropical Storm Jeanne Pounds Island…
Tropical Storm Jeanne Pounds Island…$54m Recommended For Urban Train… Puerto Rican Soldier Killed In Iraq… 1st Hispanic NJ Justice Sworn In… Domestic Violence Claims Lives Of 340 Women… Voter Registration Down… Top Outside Hitter Gone… NPP Criticizes Acevedo For Shunning D.C. During Campaign… 100 Year Old ‘Temporary’ Tax… Naming Hurricanes… 2 PRIIF Funded Firms Didn’t Pay Taxes
Noriega Thinks Justice Won't Take Action On PRIIF…
Noriega Doesn’t Think Justice Will Take Action On PRIIF… Cotto Wins WBO Jr. Welterweight Title… Baseball Season Isn’t Over For Ivan Dejesus…Espiritu de Puerto Rico… Proposal To Exclude PR From Tax Credit Is Rejected… PDP Asks 127,000 Lapsed Voters For Support … Statehood Bloc Choosing Between Acevedo, Pesquera… Agricultural Stimulus OK’d… Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Cotto Savors WBO Junior Welterweight Crown
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Vieques: Land Of The Jimmy Buffets Or Untapped Cash Cow?
  Washington Update

Acevedo: Funds To Fight Crime In San Juan Are Not Important…Puerto Rican Commonwealther Co-Founds National Hispanic Vote Effort…Puerto Rican Becomes NJ Supreme Court Member

  Island Politics
Young Republican Federation Of Puerto Rico: 2004 Policy Paper

Heroes, Poets & Even A Dog, But No Puerto Ricans

Adios, Puerto Rico; Hola, United States

Flag Waving;New Nations & Regimes Need New Symbols… Flag Flown, Worn With Gusto


More Latino Blood Spilled In Iraq…Numbers Shed Light On GI Deaths In Iraq; Toll Is High Among Women And Hispanics…America Short Changes Its Full-Time Soldiers

  The Local Scene

Angels On Guard

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Salsa Music Flavors Arts Kickoff

Caribbean Food A Feast For The Palate

Family Links Sustain Latinos; Despite Diverse Interests, Careers, Cultural Ties Remain Strong

Bringing In The Diversity Vote

  Public Opinion
Inside The Minds Of Undecided Voters

Are You Undecided? Or Not?

They're Big, Dangerous, Rough & Ready
  Sports & Entertainment
Godfather Of Puerto Rican Rap Hasn't Stopped Fighting

Puerto Rican Septet Is Just Plena Good…Plena Libre Estamos Gozando

Thus Spake Benicio Del Toro


Fighting For A New Life: Man's Journey From Street Thug To Role-Model Boxer Is Paved With Faith And Hope

  Puerto Rico Profiles

Wise Guy Skinhead Rutgers Disc Jockey Pedro Angel Serrano Is Happy To Be The `Old Wise Man'


Time To Target Vieques For Superfund Cleanup

  Congress and the President
George P., John Q.: GOP Dream Team… Quiñones Getting His Spotlight Moment As A Republican Player

Camps Reaching Out To Hispanic Voters…Hispanic Voters Recruited

Business • Economics • Finance

Puerto Rico’s Convention Center: Scheduled To Open In 2005, The Convention Center Stands To Generate Over $3.5b For The Economy In Its First Decade—If The Island Can Meet The Expectations Of A Demanding Meeting & Conventions Market

Convention Countdown

Governor Signs Off On Temporary Cut In Capital-Gains Tax

High-Tech Business Incubator Vitec2 Expands

Arroyo To Be Spokesman For Gatorade Sports Drink

Hispanics Throw Advertisers A Curve: Ethnic Group's Diversity Rules Out Monolithic Pitch


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