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Arroyo To Be Spokesman For Gatorade Sports Drink

September 15, 2004
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GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico -- Utah Jazz point guard Carlos Arroyo, fresh off a strong showing for his native Puerto Rican team in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, has signed a one-year deal to be a spokesman for Gatorade. Arroyo is only the second Puerto Rican athlete to be signed as spokesperson for the sports drink. The first was baseball great Roberto Clemente, who starred in a Gatorade TV commercial in 1971. Arroyo recently also signed a four-year, $16 million contract to remain with the Jazz.

Before he begins training for his fourth season in the NBA on Sept. 30, Arroyo traveled to his home island to formalize the Gatorade deal. "I am very proud to have been chosen as Gatorade's official spokesperson because the brand has always supported and highlighted the efforts of athletes," Arroyo said in a statement. "I am grateful for the vote of confidence in my abilities that this represents.

I am also honored to be placed in the same league as Roberto Clemente because, like him, I am 100% committed to my athletic career and always aware of my responsibility to represent Puerto Rico wherever I go."

Reynaldo Pagani, marketing manager for Gatorade in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, spoke about the traits that make Arroyo an ideal spokesperson for the brand. "Throughout his budding career, Carlos has proved to have the character and the passion that make a true athlete, which is why he has become our national pride. Carlos' performance and his determination on the court make him the ideal figure to represent a brand that exists for and because of athletes."

The agreement between Arroyo and Gatorade will result in the launch of a multimedia advertising campaign featuring Arroyo. Also, Arroyo will appear in a series of sporting events that Gatorade will host in coming months.

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