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Puerto Rico’s famed 65th Infantry Division, whose service in the Korean conflict was so meritorious that General Douglas MacArthur commented, "I wish we had more like them."

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Volume 8, Number 37

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After Labor Day, Campaign Heats Up

The Presidential Race: A Country Divided -- Is It The Economy Or Terrorism?
PR Education Dept. Owes U.S. $3.5m…
PR Education Department Owes U.S. $3.5m… ASA Water Has Less Bacteria Than Bottled Water… Romeu, Cifuentes Are Summoned To PRIIF Hearings… 3 Nights, $700…USS Stennis Prepares Hispanic Heritage Celebration… Vizcarrondo Says Trade Potential With Europe & Latin America Ignored
Urban Train Faces Another FBI Inquiry...
Urban Train Faces Another FBI Inquiry... 5 Municipal Autonomy Laws Signed… Sgt. Gary A. Vaillant Killed In Iraq… Health Dep’t Expands Study Of Metals On Vieques… Hicks Muse To Buy P.R. Cable Co…. For Medina, 9/11 A Bittersweet Date To Remeber… Rivera Schatz Says SEC’s Exoneration Of Acevedo Promotes Corruption
Politics & Religion Mix At "Clamor A Dios"…
Politics & Religion Mix At "Clamor A Dios"… Optivon… Every Storm Has Its Thorns… Anthony's Playing Time Came On Video Games… Vectron Plans Lawsuit Over Release Of Information… For Rossello, Corruption Is A Favored Campaign Topic... New Law Protects Cooperative Living… Fortuño Promises Bush He Will Campaign In Florida

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Cotto Struggles To Make Weight For Title Shot
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Vieques: Land Of The Jimmy Buffets Or Untapped Cash Cow?
  Washington Update

60,000+ Registered To Vote In States By Calderon Are Not Puerto Rican… Calderon’s Other Agenda In Washington… Florida Puerto Rican Gets Spotlight In Bush Campaign

  Island Politics
PRIIF: Legal Or Not?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Calderon Announces Success Of Nation's Largest Nonpartisan Hispanic Voter Registration Campaign


Freely Associated States Or Dependent Republics?

Revenge Of America’s Poor Relations

Decolonization Committee Calls For Expediated Process Of Self-Determination For Puerto Rico

  The Local Scene
Puerto Rico's Powerhouse Pharmaceutical Industry Confronts Change With Phase-Out Of U.S. Tax Incentives
  Public Opinion

Hispanic Vote May Be Decisive

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2004: Sept. 15-Oct. 15… Culture On PBS… Through Learning During This Important Election Year

With Latinos Now Largest Minority, Language Emerges As Issue

Cast Upon Rough Waters: Fishermen Threatened


Disney Magic's Stop In OSJ May Bring Wave Of Business To Island

  Sports & Entertainment
At 40-Year Bronx Beach Party, Who Needs Sand?

J-Lo, Gwyneth To Do Box-Office Battle

Language Barrier A Major Issue In Baseball-…Latino Players Taste Maine Life

U.S. Military Deaths Surpass The 1,000 Mark… Soldiers Say Death Toll Meaningless

Spanish-Speaking Victim Advocate Joins North Charleston Police Force

'Some Kids Just Never Give Up'
  Puerto Rico Profiles

Teacher Is First Peace Corps Veteran To Be Named NASA Astronaut


On Bases, Realignment, Specops, Sex, The Beast Lobby, Etc.

  Congress and the President

A Republican Wants To Give New York a Majority Voice… A Sacrificial Lamb?

Potential Hispanic Party Shifts Raise Election Stakes… Bush Campaign Courts Hispanic Voters In Several Key States

  Business • Economics • Finance
Media Budgets Shift: Advertisers Are Beginning To Shift Money To Alternative Media To Target Messages More Efficiently As Budgets Get Tighter

Alternative Ad-Vantage; Best City, Best News

San Juan Joins Bestcities.net Global Alliance

Prasa Executive President Calls Prasa ‘A Mess’

New Stores Set Up Shop At Plaza Las Americas

Pridco Reports 17.8% Increase In Company Openings & 33.3% Growth In New Jobs For Fiscal Year 2004

$25m Public Art Project Gets Under Way

America's Latino Market Makes The News


Dennis De Leon & Lupe Ontiveros Discuss The Work Of The Latino Commission On AIDS


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