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Politics & Religion Mix At "Clamor A Dios"… Optivon… Every Storm Has Its Thorns… Anthony's Playing Time Came On Video Games… Vectron Plans Lawsuit Over Release Of Information… For Rossello, Corruption Is A Favored Campaign Topic... New Law Protects Cooperative Living… Fortuño Promises Bush He Will Campaign In Florida

Politics And Religion Mix At "Clamor A Dios"

September 7, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) – Evangelical ministers headlined by Jorge Raschke sang praise to God on Monday at a well-attended activity at which the fine line between religion and politics vanished, with criticism of the appointment of Anabelle Rodriguez as associate judge to the Supreme Court and calls to "fill the Legislature with the faithful."

With the former New Progressive Party governor Pedro Rossello in the first row, Raschke denounced legislators that did not fight the Rodriguez confirmation, saying that it would permit the entry into upper judicial forums of some who believe in same-sex marriage.

"We must fill the Legislature with the faithful," Raschke said.

The sermons and religious discussions during "Clamor a Dios," celebrated in front of the Capitol, were interspersed with nods to the politics of this election year, and one of the singers at the gathering asked Rossello to dance.

The former governor did not dance, but he did make a monetary donation to the "Clamor a Dios" Ministry.


Matt Villano

September 7, 2004
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Computer Reseller News

Luis Romero knows a thing or two about success in the high-tech world. After building his telecommunications services company for years in the sunshine of Puerto Rico, the technologist came to the United States to ply his trade. While his business was previously about 70 percent channel, Romero hopes to drive virtually all Optivon traffic here through solution providers and intends to launch a channel program this week.

Optivon's offerings will start with a focus on VoIP, growing to incorporate technologies such as PBX and-eventually-multiprotocol label switching. According to Romero, Optivon's offering also will include an advanced call management system to coordinate voice traffic.

Location: Orlando, Fla.

Expertise: Services, with an initial focus on VoIP

Year Founded: 2000

Quote: 'As business changes, it's becoming more and more important for customers to be accessible by all means, and that's where we come in.'

Every Storm Has Its Thorns


September 5, 2004
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KISSIMMEE -- Osceola County is weathering winds of more than 40 miles per hour, debris is flying down the streets of Buenaventura Lakes, a flood-prone suburb of Kissimmee, and Bernice Martinez is debating whether or not to go outside to rescue her prized red and yellow rose bushes.

''From Charley, some came down, and now, I just noticed a few buds,'' said Martinez, who was born in Puerto Rico and lives here with her daughter, her 16-year old granddaughter and Cindy, their 9-year old golden lab. ``With all this racket I didn't think they'd open up.''

Then the wind began blasting the house and sheets of rain blew sideways. Martinez decided the roses were on their own.

Anthony's Playing Time Came On Video Games

September 4, 2004
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Carmelo Anthony spent many nights at the Olympics in his hotel room depressed and wanting to go home.

The Denver Nuggets star was demoted to the bench during the Athens Games, in which the NBA players lost three times and finished with the bronze medal.

"I would play my (video) games, and hope and pray that it would be over with," he said in Friday's editions of The Denver Post. "I was in my little funk. I didn't want to be involved with nobody."

He said things started going wrong for him in the first game, a loss to Puerto Rico.

"People were looking at me like I was selfish and I was only thinking about myself," he said.

He said getting benched was a shock after being a high school All-America, an NCAA champion with Syracuse as a freshman and a rookie standout with the Nuggets.

"That would affect anybody," Anthony said. "I'm not saying I'm the greatest player in the world, but I've never sat on nobody's bench."

Vectron Plans Lawsuit Over Release Of Information

September 3, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) – Vectron, the technology firm that received $5 million from the Puerto Rico Industrial Incentives Fund in 2001, is planning a lawsuit against people who allegedly divulged confidential company documents.

This is according to Vectron President Joseph Vilella, president of Vectron. The company was awarded incentives by the former secretary of Economic Development and now the husband of the governor, Ramon Cantero Frau, despite the fact that the firm allegedly did not comply with economic requirements of the PRIIF.

Vilella told a newspaper that they had filtered documents of the corporation, and "they should have known these were confidential documents."

"Somebody removed them, and I am going to sue them," he added.

According to the newspaper, the lawsuits could include members of the Blue Ribbon Committee, whose reports about irregularities in the creation and management of PRIIF since 1997 have led to House and federal investigations.

For Rossello, Corruption Is A Favored Campaign Topic

September 3, 2004
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RIO GRANDE (AP) – Pedro Rossello said on Thursday that, far from being his Achilles heel, the subject of corruption is a favorite of his political campaign.

Rossello, who on Wednesday offered a televised message about the topic, took away importance from political criticism he has received politically about the matter.

"I believe that it is not an Achilles heel, on the contrary, it is a strong part," the New Progressive candidate for governor said.

The Popular Party candidate for governor, Anibal Acevedo Vila, said that his opponent affirmed that "he has returned to Puerto Rico after more than a year and with a stone face, he makes a five minute announcement and still does not explain to the island how he has done nothing to end corruption."

New Law Protects Cooperative Living

September 3, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) – Gov. Sila M. Calderon ratified a plan that created the "Ley General de Cooperativas de 2004" which is expected to guarantee the autonomy of cooperatives on the island, as it will promote the creation of housing systems based on an organizational model, La Fortaleza reported Thursday.

The new statute, signed by the governor on Wednesday, abolishes the "Ley General de Sociedades Cooperativas de 1994" and establishes that cooperative living societies can obtain property titles when they finish paying the collective mortgage.

"Cooperatives represent an ideal of solidarity and strength that is essential in a society … The new law will allow cooperatives to have the opportunity to have a more competitive role and be active in the development of the island," Calderon said.

The plan provides for the creation of a "Régimen de Cooperativas de Titulares de Vivienda" through which cooperative societies can be owners of the properties they live in.

Fortuño Promises Bush He Will Campaign In Florida

September 3, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) – The New Progressive Party candidate for resident commissioner, Luis Fortuño, said that President George W. Bush asked for his help in Orlando, Fla., where the second largest Boricua community in North America is established. Bush asked Fortuño for help there with his reelection campaign.

Fortuño said he met with Bush in New York, during the Republican Convention, which Fortuño was attending as the delegate from Puerto Rico for the U.S. Republican party.

"He told me he needed a favor from me, that he needed me to go to Orlando," Fortuño told a newspaper.

"I promised him I would go to Orlando sometime, although I have a campaign under way," said Fortuño, who was accompanied by the chairman of the Republican party on the island, Tiody de Jesus, and the Puerto Rico delegate, Zoraida Fonalledas.

Fortuño did not say where the state delegates met with Bush, but said tht the location was under strict security, including sand trucks in case of a car bomb attack.

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