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Puerto Rico’s famed 65th Infantry Division, whose service in the Korean conflict was so meritorious that General Douglas MacArthur commented, "I wish we had more like them."

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Volume 8, Number 36

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Status Goes National

Mayor Santini Embraces Assault Weapon Manufacture And Sales
Arecibo Telescope Will Map Galaxy…
Arecibo Telescope Will Map Galaxy… Is That You ET?… Comptroller Doesn’t Know Extent Of PRIIF Losses… PREPA Won’t Refund Over Charges... Izquierdo Attends Torrijos Inauguration… Public Health Conference Opens… Ponce Seeks Las Americas Free Trade Zone… Feds Oppose El Yunque Zoning Changes
"Viva George Bush"...
"Viva George Bush", Fortuño Alludes To Status In GOP Convention Speech…Medical Products Firm In $45m Expansion… Saldaña Claims Verbal PRIIF Exoneration…Students Get Satellite Internet Connection…Governor Signs 93 Bills…Feds Aren’t Investigating NPP Or Rossello… Puerto Rican Pride In Paterson Parade
A War Of Words…
A War Of Words… Use Island In A Sentence… Greece 85, Puerto Rico 75…PROELA: Bar Candidates Must Declare Status Positions… Acevedo: Use Of Patriot Act vs. UIA Isn’t Justified… Gov’t Got Vectron Stock After Jobs Weren’t Created… Most Crimes Are Committed With Illegal Weapons… Prisoners Are "Disinterested" In Elections… White House Status Group Meets With Mayors

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Fifth, Sixth And Seventh: Puerto Rico’s Best Olympic Finishes
  Washington Update

Bush Asks Statehooders To Help Him Win… Senate Nominee Expected To Help Bush Is Close To Puerto Rico… NY Governor Who Lost Ground For Vieques Misleads On Clean-Up… Republicans Rebuff Their DC Party On Voting Rights

On The Nature Of Commonwealth II
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Puerto Rican Artists, Yes, But With A Global Vision

  Island Politics

Hispanic Population, Voter Apathy On The Rise… Fest A Good Time To Talk Votes… Edith Prado Voter Registration Coordinator

  Public Opinion
Bush Seizes Momentum In Florida
  The Local Scene

White Beauty Queen From Bolivia Opens Conversation On Skin Color

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Ready To Rumba!

West Side Stories

Churches Reaching Out To Growing Hispanic Population


Rain Reigns On Puerto Rico Trip; The Sunshine Goes On Vacation, Visit To La Isla Not So Bonita

  Sports & Entertainment
Patriotism, Protest… Delgado Is Behaving More Like Muhammad Ali, & Less Like Tiger Woods

"Mr Salsa' Spices Local Latin Scene

Win Or Lose, A Place To Show

'Hard Work Is Colorblind'…Nonprofit Agency Assisting Latinos
Hispanics Health Care: Irregular Medical Treatment Is Tied To Cultural, Economic Issues
  Puerto Rico Profiles

The Gangster Gunning For God


Going On Offense For The Defense Industry

  Congress and the President

Naturalization Boosts Hispanic Voting Power In "Swing" States

Workplace Safety For Hispanics: Bush Failure

  Business • Economics • Finance
With 2.5m Registered Vehicles For 4m People, Puerto Rico Is Fast Becoming A Big Parking Lot. What The Gov’t Is Doing To Reduce Traffic & Shorten The Commute Time

The End Of Gridlock

Commonwealth vs. Independent Countries: How Does Puerto Rico’s Economy Measure Up?

Controversy Heats Up Over Waste-To-Energy Plant

Office Furniture Distributors Accuse CEAT Of Hurting Business

In Search Of Latino Ads


'Achievement Gap' Vexes Schools-: Black Students -- And Hispanics -- Lag Behind White Classmates


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