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Puerto Rico’s famed 65th Infantry Division, whose service in the Korean conflict was so meritorious that General Douglas MacArthur commented, "I wish we had more like them."

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Volume 8, Number 35

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Another Probe, Another Poll

What’s More Important: The Flag Or The Game?
Republicans Support "Non-Territorial" Status…
Republicans Support "Non-Territorial" Status… Italy 83, Puerto Rico 70… Santini Censured For Position On Weapons Ban… Justice Secretary Will Be Responsible For PRIIF Inquiry… Prats Won’t Explain Calderon Snub… No Wrongdoing In Sec. 936 Tax Breaks… Senadores Sale Near… 21 Lagging Schools Will Get More Support
Prats: Fortuño Must Take Stand On Weapons Ban…
Prats: Fortuño Must Take Stand On Weapons Ban… Crusade Against Large Weapons Urged… Mercury Contamination Found In Vieques Women… Acevedo Offers More Efficient Health Card, He Hasn’t Asked Calderon For Support… Police Get Salary Increase… Polls: Rossello Leads Acevedo 43%-34%, 30% Say His Image Has Declined; Gap Closes Between Fortuño & Prats
Puerto Rico Moves On To Quarter Finals…
Puerto Rico Moves On To Quarter Finals, Defeats Australia 87— 82 … Port Strike Ends… Governor Attacks Weapons’ Legalization Proposal… Rossello: Comptroller’s Accusations "Erroneous"… Local Control Of Vieques-Culebra Ferry Urged… OSJ Rescue Group Seeks Candidate Support… Plaud 'Not Guilty' Of Sign Destruction… Another Puerto Rican Soldier Falls In Iraq

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Italy Knocks Puerto Rico Out Of Olympic Basketball Medal Round

Fajardo Wins Its First Superior Baseball Title In 50 Years

  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
The Versailles Of Ponce No Longer Plays Second Fiddle: Juana Díaz Celebrates Itself
  Washington Update

Presidential Task Force Discards "Commonwealth" As An Option… Republican Party Continues To Accept Statehood As An Option...DC GOP Presses National Party On Democratic Rights…

  Island Politics
Unicameral Legislature: Good Or Bad?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Puerto Ricans: Untapped Conservatives


Puerto Rico Not A Nation…How Can Puerto Rico Have Its Own Olympics Team?… Sight For Sore Losers… Big Win Makes Some Proud

Top Army Lawyer Also Was A Combat Hero… Winship's Record In Puerto Rico Was Hardly Heroic

  Public Opinion
The Manana Vote
  The Local Scene

Army Implements New Culebra Decontamination Plan

  Culture • Heritage • Language

The Floridian-Puerto Rican Art Connection

Hispanics' Guide To Harvard Gives Students A Taste Of Home

Diversity Hasn't Reached Principal's Office


She Collected Angels & Then Found One Of Her Own

  Sports & Entertainment
Drawn From Life

Clemente Will Touch Newark Kids… Widow Told They'll Never Forget

Figueroa Makes Nat’l Team… Will Represent Country In The Pan Am Youth Championships

Helping Hand For Hispanics; Puerto Rican Transplant Establishes Center In Auburn
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Nelida Soto & A Cacophonous Collection Of Birds Share A Home Filled With Music

Group Seeks To Bring Light To Vieques Fight

  Congress and the President

Quiñones Race To Be Canary In Political Mine

Every 4 Years, The Anglos Return - Latinos And The Election…Latino Voters Have Yet To Become A Strong Force… Battle Heats For The West's Hispanic Votes

  Business • Economics • Finance

Good News & Bad News:
Bankruptcies Have Leveled Off, But Experts Warn Of A Possible Explosion Unless The Economy Picks Up

The Calm Before The Storm?

A Territory vs. The States: The Economy Of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico To Lose Out In Medicare Reshuffling

‘Never Again,’ Says Culebra’s R.D. Medical To $25k Loss, Labor Interruption, & Production Delay During Union Strike: Ports Authority Celebrates End Of Strike & Moody’s Credit Re-Evaluation

Latinos Logging On & Loving It

Hispanics Suffer Abuse In A Culture Of Silence…15 Sue Archdiocese In Decades-Old Cases

Can A World Power See Its Own Flaws?


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