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Puerto Rico’s famed 65th Infantry Division, whose service in the Korean conflict was so meritorious that General Douglas MacArthur commented, "I wish we had more like them."

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Volume 8, Number 34

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A Final Battle For Calderón?

Arroyo Totes Hopes Of A Nation… Ortiz, Ayuso Lead Puerto Rico… Olympics’ Definition Of `Nations'
Fortuño Confronts Federal Persecution…
Fortuño Confronts Federal Persecution… Puerto Rico Edges Angola 83-80… Freed Nationalist Refuses To Comply With Terms Of Parole… Pesquera Limits NPP Convention Role… PRASA Won’t Bow To AIU Demands… Ports Activates Vieques & Culebra Contingency Plan… Berrios Says Calderon Is Responsible For Labor Crisis… Fortuño Lambastes Prats Over Tax Incentives
NPP Will Try To Consolidate Leadership…
NPP Will Try To Consolidate Leadership… Bad Day For Olympians… Meningitis Cases Underreported… Juana Diaz Wise Men To Visit Pope… 25 Soldiers Under Criminal Investigation… RR Land Transfer Process Examined… Atkins Ready To Invade The Land Of Carbs… Aerostat Backed For Maritime Monitoring… PDP Legislative Campaign Announced… Statehooders Criticizes Urban Train Delay
Puerto Rico Stuns USA 92-73…
Victory Treated Like Gold, Puerto Rico Stuns USA 92-73… Dominican Navy Arrests 6 In Immigrants' Deadly Trip… Arroyo Carries The Flag For Puerto Rico… Electoral Auditor Requested For Santini… Irregularities Still Plague Mental Health… Rossello Finds Acevedo’s Health Reform Stance Curious, He & Pesquera Meet Over Shared Statehood Ideals, Goals… Island Part Of Santander's Main Focus

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Carlos Arroyo, Puerto Rico Show Team USA How It's Done
  Washington Update
Acevedo: Only Puerto Ricans Out Of PR Should Vote For President…Redeployment Of Troops Could Aid Base In Puerto Rico…Army Acts To Avert Calderon Diversion Of Culebra Clean-Up…Prats Misleads In Blaming Fortuno, Rossello For End Of 936 Tax Exemption

The Road To Commonwealth: Territorial Trials & Political Tribulations Of A 21st-Century Colony

On The Nature Of Commonwealth
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Americans Push For Right To Vote In Territories… Immigrants Join Call… U.S.Virgin Islander To Continue Hunger Strike Despite Responses From White House, Kerry Campaign
  Island Politics

English, Sí, But Let's Leave The Politics Out

  Hot Button Issues
The Politicians: What Do You Want Them To Do?
  Public Opinion

The Complex Latino Voter

  Culture • Heritage • Language

A Feisty Preserver Of Puerto Rico's Heritage… A New Map Of Latin America's Avant-Garde

America Drinks Up All Things Hispanic

Reaching Out To Hispanics; Diocese Offers Spanish-Language Mass & Outreach To A Growing Population


Puerto Rico Tourism & American Express Offer Special Incentives

  Sports & Entertainment
Valdes Keeps Up With Joneses On Swing-From-Heels Hawks

A Day In The Life Of . . .From Theater To Charity To Grandkids, Rita Moreno Packs It In

While The FCC Cracks Down On Howard Stern, Hispanic Shock Jocks Are As Raunchy As Ever. So Far

Three Cheers For Assimilation
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Female Engineer Alba Colon Finds Place In Male-Dominated NASCAR

Home On The Firing Range: Military Mission Engages Environmental Preservation

  Congress and the President

Cinfuentes Revitalizes Democrats' Hispanic Strategy By Taking Long View…Says Party Should Change Plan For Hispanics

'Wave' Of Influence… "How Hispanics Will Choose the Next President"

  Business • Economics • Finance

Retailers Hope To Ring In A Happy New Year

Santa’s Mixed Bag; Sapientis’ Promise

Commonwealth Economic Performance: Economic Miracle Or Urban Legend?

Hundreds Of Clinical Trials In P.R. Complement Pharmaceutical-Manufacturing Activity

Puerto Rico’s Pioneers Of Cargo Containerization Commemorate 50 Years

Popular's Expansion Continues: South Florida Acquisition To Add 8 Locations

Building Unified Latino Coalition Is Delicate Balancing Act
The Local Scene

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