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Puerto Rico’s famed 65th Infantry Division, whose service in the Korean conflict was so meritorious that General Douglas MacArthur commented, "I wish we had more like them."

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Volume 8, Number 32

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Why The Guard Call-Up Is A Mistake

Will It Be Bush Or Kerry?
All 3 Parties Will Conclude Campaigns In SJ…
All 3 Parties Will Conclude Campaigns In SJ… Mari Bras Sees End Of Independence If Rossello Wins… SEC Sends Rossello’s ’96 Campaign Reports To Feds, Gets Acevedo’s Electoral Audit Findings…. Dean Calls For Vieques Clean-Up… Governor Inaugurates School Year… Nat’l Guard Funds Await Bush’s OK… PDP Officially Backs Kerry And Edwards
Fortuño: Republicans Best For Status Resolution…
Fortuño: Republicans Best For Status Resolution… Fas Will Accompany Olympic Delegation… San Juan Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week… Hollywood Beach Latin Festival… Feliciano Encourages Blind Teen… Top 10 Cities For Hispanics To Live In… Confirmed As Assoc. Judge, Request For A Federal Investigation Of Rodriguez Is Official
Feds & Legislature To Fight Crime…
Feds & Legislature To Fight Crime… Urban Safety Summit Seen Improving SJ’s Police Force… Memorial Honors Worker Killed… U.S. Hoops Crush P.R. 96-71… Velazquez Wins Day, 3,000th Race… Puerto Ricans Who Visited Cuba Detained… Cats Of Old San Juan Threatened With Euthanasia… Shark Repellent Deemed A Breakthrough… Governor Certifies Police School Protection Corps

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
U-21 Team Second In World Qualifier; Boxing Notes
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Sunday Drives: The Guavate Experience
  Washington Update
GOP To Promise More Than Dems On Status But Handicapped By Record… Doctor Dean Accepts Officially Rejected Vieques Fatal Illnesses Diagnoses… Enterprise Zone Investment Incentive Doesn’t Require Federal Taxation
  Island Politics

Puerto Rico’s Election Has Extra Dose Of Drama

Commonwealth Could Slip Away
  Public Opinion

Herald Poll Finds American Voters: Want Puerto Rico To Decide Between Statehood and Independence; Would Support Statehood Overwhelmingly Should Puerto Rican Voters Choose It; Think Statehood Would Benefit the Island’s Economy

Voters Divided On Iraq, Bush…Parties Target Hispanics In 4 Battleground States…Latino Identification Throws Knots Into Campaigns

  The Local Scene

On Decentralization IV
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Women Who Took Part In 'The Pill' Tests Still Wonder What They Gained

  Sports & Entertainment

Puerto Rican Duet Gearing Up For Olympics

Puerto Rican Music Finally Getting Its Due

Chayanne A Detail-Oriented Pop Star

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Artist Spotlight John J. Browne Ayes

Magazine For Gay Parents Gets A Healthy Start

Pair Accept Honors At Puerto Rican Banquet…Puerto Ricans Raise Their Pride

At Chez Shack, Fine Food Meets Island Attitude… Sancocho: 1-Pot Wonder Is A Point Of Pride
Officer's Spanish Is Put To Good Use; Translation Is Just One Of His Duties
A Thousand Proverbs Later, It's Still A Brutality
  Puerto Rico Profiles

Carrion Rises With The Bronx; A Run For Citywide Office Could Come Soon


Military Bid For Environmental Relief Is Debated: Dispute Runs Along Party Lines

  Congress and the President

The Democratic National Convention: Fernando Ferrer…Delegate Lourdes Rios… A People's Platform… Hispanics Didn't Take Center Stage

A Strategy For Kerry: 'Wind Up' Cuban Vote

  Business • Economics • Finance
What If?
Puerto Rico’s Economy: It’s A Matter Of Status

"It’s The Economy, Stupid!"

Puerto Rico At An Economic Crossroads: End Of Tax-Incentive Development Demands New Direction

Angelo Medina To Bring NBA Games To Coliseum

Santander, First BanCorp, Oriental Post Earnings Gains In Last Quarter

P&G y Sears son los mayores compradores de publicidad hispana


Hispanic Fair's Organizer Succeeds In Helping Area's Newcomers


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