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Puerto Rico’s famed 65th Infantry Division, whose service in the Korean conflict was so meritorious that General Douglas MacArthur commented, "I wish we had more like them."

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Volume 8, Number 30

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Calderón Calls Up The Guard

The "Florida Phenomenon": Puerto Ricans And The 2004 Elections!
Rossello Asks If He’s Being Investigated...
Rossello Asks If He’s Being Investigated, Berrios: Explanation Needed… RHC Offers Memoirs…Vieques Radiation Findings Inconsistent…Cidra Sector In Superfund…Delgado Did Not Stand…Fas Sure Of PDP Win… More Police Doesn’t Mean Less Crime, Says Commission…Public Housing Leaders Oppose Use Of Nat’l Guard…NPP: PDP Commonwealth Celebration Violates Electoral Law
Acevedo Endorsed By 54 Congressional Colleagues…
Acevedo Endorsed By 54 Congressional Colleagues… Municipal Police Included In New Security Plan… Gov’s Surgery Goes Well, She’s Mum On Chief Judge Pick, Bar Backs 2 For Post… 270 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized… Culebra Closed To Large Boats… Dominicans Warned Not To Go To P.R…. More Meningitis Cases Reported… Santini Sues Gov’t For $100m…Rodriguez Denies Division Within The NPP
Calderon Activates Nat’l Guard...
Calderon Activates Nat’l Guard To Aid Police Crime Patrols, Divided PDP Urges Discretion… Burgos: Ad Hoc Return To "Iron Fist" Policy… 80 Going To Olympics… NPP Challenges Gov’s Last Budget… New Haiti Aid Set… House OKs Constitutional Assembly, Senate Passes 1-Chamber Bill… Rossello’s Candidacy Upheld… GDB Political Discrimination Verdict Overturned… Through The Eye Of Memory

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Cubans Win San Juan Bay Swim… Olympic Committee Passes Flag To Arroyo
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
'Rumba, Macumba, Candombe, Bambula': Giddy Up For Loíza’s Carnival
  Washington Update
Bush Puerto Rico Cut Would Cost 100,000+ More Families Than Estimated, Calderon Covered Up IRS Report... Votes for Unrepresented Americans on Democratic Convention Agenda... McClintock Lobbies For Puerto Rico Commemorative U.S. Quarter

Dred Scott And Balzac — A Legacy Of Equality Denied
By Dick Thornburgh

  Public Opinion
Herald Poll Shows That Bush — Kerry Presidential Race Is In A Virtual "Dead Heat" And That Advocacy Of Puerto Rico Statehood, "Wouldn’t Make A Difference" To A Majority Of Voters
  The Local Scene

On Decentralization III
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

SJ Coliseum Almost Ready: Expected To Pump $m Into The Economy & Boost Ailing Entertainment Industry

  Island Politics

Troops Go To War But Not To Polls


Puerto Ricans Step Into The Limelight

  Culture • Heritage • Language 


Latino Community Isn't Monolithic

Elegance With An Accent

Lyrical On Rum
  Sports & Entertainment
Puerto Rico Not Kind to Expos…Experiment Fails To Create Fans… End In Sight For Wandering Expos… Pirates Won't Play In SJ

Of All The Titles, They Cherish 'Dad' The Most… Pageant Titles Go To Cousins

Spanish-Speaking Players Speak Out… Talking To Each Other

Making A Difference: Pupils Help Roberto Clemente Foundation

Huntington's Logic Fundamentally Flawed

  Puerto Rico Profiles

Actor Esai Morales Traveled A Troubled Road To The Truth


Closure Of Naval Base A Cause For Celebration In Wmass

  Congress and the President
Kerry Targeting West, Looking To Hispanics, Jobless…Wife Meets With Activists In FL… He Courts Hispanic Vote With Remarks About Leaders

Hispanics To Carry Clout At Polls… Candidate Just A Dream… Kerry, Bush Target Hispanic Voters With Campaign Ads… Both Parties Court Key Vote

Business • Economics • Finance

This Airport Means Business: New Stores, A New Hotel, & A 5-Year, $245m Capital Improvement Program Is The New Stage Of Growth Of Puerto Rico’s & The Caribbean’s Principal Airport Hub

A Slew Of Antibusiness Bills Shot Down; Private Sector Shouts Victory

LMM Is Good & Getting Better… Victory Tour

I Promise...
Pedro Rossello & Anibal Acevedo Vila Discuss Their Proposals For Tax Reform, Manufacturing, Retail, & Health

Osceola May Snag Puerto Rican Publisher


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