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San Pablo Hospital to Embark on $16 Million Expansion

Projects include 30,000-square-foot building, 500-vehicle parking structure

July 16, 2004
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San Pablo Hospital in Bayamon will invest $16 million on two projects: an $8 million four-story building, on which construction will start in about three months, and an $8 million multistory parking structure with capacity for 500 vehicles, announced Executive Director Jorge Matta.

"We already have all the permits needed to begin construction of the 30,000-square-foot building," said Matta, who is also operations director of San Pablo Health System.

The new building will be adjacent to the existing emergency room (ER) but will have its own, much larger ER that includes a Chest Pain Center. "The emergency room receives about 5,000 visitors each month, and we need a larger space to be able to handle such traffic. We had expanded the emergency room five years ago, but now it’s time to do it again," said Matta.

On the second floor will be a neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) and a pediatric intensive-care unit, the latter of which will have six beds. "Right now, we have an NICU with eight beds. We will move the NICU to the new building and add two more beds, for a total of 10. All of the equipment will be brand-new," said Matta.

The third floor will have an intensive-surgery room. "This room will replace the one we currently have, which has six beds. We will add another six beds, for a total of 12. As in the other rooms, everything will be new," Matta said.

The fourth floor will have the administrative offices of the nursing staff and the quality-control department.

The building’s basement will contain a water cistern with a capacity for 250,000 gallons. "We already have a well and another cistern in case of emergencies," said Matta, who added that the hospital has three power generators, enough to keep it fully operational for 24 hours.

Matta said the second project, the multistory parking structure, will bring the total parking spaces at the hospital to 2,600. He couldn’t say when construction would begin since the structure’s location hasn’t been decided.

Established in 1976, San Pablo Hospital is Puerto Rico’s third-largest hospital, according to the 2004 CARIBBEAN BUSINESS White Pages. It is owned by Delaware-based Universal Health Services.

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