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DTOP To Invest $307 Million In Infrastructure Over Next Six Months

Agency will embark on road and repaving projects throughout island


July 8, 2004
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The Puerto Rico Department of Transportation & Public Works (DTOP by its Spanish acronym) will spend $307 million to build and improve highways over the next six months, according to department officials.

The agency will spend $118 million on 12 road-construction projects between June 28 and Aug. 3, said Jose Hernandez Borge, assistant executive director for infrastructure at the Highway & Transportation Authority. These include the new entrance to Isabela at a cost of $18 million, a new section of PR-9 at a cost of $19.8 million, the repaving of PR3 between Rio Grande and Luquillo, and the conversion of two sections of PR2 between Mayaguez and Ponce into a turnpike at a total cost of $20 million.

A new intersection on PR12 in Ponce will cost $15 million. In Mayaguez, the widening of Gonzalez Clemente Avenue between the Llabat Creek and the Yaguez River will require $15 million.

DTOP also plans to install an $11 million intelligent transportation system on principal highways in the San Juan metro area, which will consist of a network of cameras that DTOP officials will use to monitor traffic. When traffic jams are spotted, officials will use signs posted alongside highways to advise commuters to take alternative routes.

Between August and December, DTOP will spend $155 million on 21 projects, among them an alternative route in Juncos at a cost of $8.8 million. A new phase of construction on PR108 in Mayaguez will cost $6.5 million. The Lajas-to-San German phase of PR122 will cost $10.6 million. A new bridge at the entrance to Cidras will cost $2.5 million.

A bridge over the Lobina Canal in Culebra will cost $8 million. A new section of PR10 between Utuado and Adjuntas will cost $8 million. Four sections of PR2 between Mayaguez and Ponce will be converted into expressway at a cost of $50 million. Luis A. Ferre Expressway (PR52) in Caguas will be repaved at a cost of $13.2 million.

DTOP is also planning a number of projects to repave roads, restore bridges, and provide roadside maintenance to conservation areas at a cost of $32 million, said Luis Trinidad, director of DTOP’s public-works directorate.

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