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Caribe Hilton To Add 240 Rooms By Late 2006

To remodel 100 rooms, expand ballroom and executive lounge, build wedding hall


July 8, 2004
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Expansion and renovation are in the works for the Caribe Hilton. By the end of 2006, the number of its rooms will surpass 900, Caribe Hilton Director of Operations Olivier Maumaire told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS.

Not only is the hotel to see 240 new rooms by the end of 2006, it will remodel another 100 and the San Geronimo Ballroom, expand and remodel the executive lounge, and build a wedding hall.

In addition, the hotel is opening Lemon Grass, an Asian restaurant, and a Starbucks, according to Maumaire. The hotel now has six restaurants and two bars.

Maumaire said the expansion and renovation of the Caribe Hilton—already a preferred getaway for local visitors—will reinforce its reputation as one of the most elegant locales on the island. "When locals see friends dressed to the nines, they ask if they are going to the Caribe Hilton. It’s something I’ve heard many times here," he said, adding that the hotel is part of local history and a San Juan landmark.

In November, 168 new rooms will open, to be followed by another 80 in 2006. "When all the new rooms are finished, the number of rooms will surpass 900," said Maumaire.

The Caribe Hilton currently has 646 rooms, including suites, executive rooms, and standard rooms.

In addition, the hotel’s San Geronimo ballroom will undergo complete renovation and the executive lounge will be remodeled and expanded. "We will double the space in the ballroom," said Maumaire.

As for Las Olas Spa, "We will build a 4,000 square-foot wedding-hall overlooking the ocean," he said.

In addition, the Caribe Hilton is erecting the Paseo Caribe luxury complex on adjoining land, including entertainment and retail facilities and high-end apartments. Its construction will enhance the hotel’s upscale image, according to Maumaire, who expects it to open by 2007.

Caribe Hilton, Puerto Rico’s second largest hotel, was established in 1954.

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