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Puerto Rico’s four Medal of Honor winners: They were honored with the nation's highest award for valor in military action.

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Volume 8, Number 27

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A Tale Of Two Economic Reports

Statehood Wins Big
Calderon Politicizes ECLAC Opening Ceremonies...
Calderon Politicizes ECLAC Opening Ceremonies, Stirs Confuson… 69% Of Islanders Identify Themselves As Puerto Ricans… Students Protest FTAA, Disrupt ECLAC Seminar… House Bans Smoking On Premises… Marching For Peace… Court Rules SJ Ads Violate Electoral Law… Antiwar Protest Slated For 4th Of July… Constitutional Assembly Study On Status Approved
Diminished Iraqi Role For P.R. Soldiers…
Diminished Iraqi Role For P.R. Soldiers… New FBI Chief: Gov’t Corruption Top Priority… PIP Seeks July 4th Ad Ban… SWMA Assigns $Millions For Recycling… Industrialization Key To Island’s Future Growth… "Salsa From Hawai`i" …Russian Child Case Judges Suspended… Misla Pleads Guilty, Gets 60 Yrs… PRT To Invest $172m… PDP, NPP Platforms Approved… SJ To Commemorate The 4th
Ponce Will House Port Of The Americas…
Ponce Will House Port Of The Americas… Bethlehem Celebrates Island Culture… MLB Buying Time For P.R. Plan?… World Cup Attracts Posada… Ramos A Prospect… Calderon Wants Vieques, Culebra As Superfund Sites… No Hazard Near USS Killen… Berrios Rejects Rossello Persecution… New Pub Closing Laws Okd… Rossello Refuses To Give Up $52k Pension, Denies Retirement Notifications

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Ramos Takes Closer Look At Wizards, Expos Return To San Juan
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Of Blooms, Blossoms And Buds: What To Do Around The Aibonito Flower Festival
  Washington Update
Bush’s Proposal To End Tax Refunds To Puerto Rican Workers That Kerry Pledged To Increase . . . And Acevedo Didn’t Want

Are We A Democracy?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Ambitious Student Leaves Home To Improve English

  Island Politics
Rossello In Pension Flap
  The Local Scene

Anger At Island's 'Pill' Test Lingers

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Former U.S. Surgeon General Novello Is Named Nat’l Hispanic Scientist Of The Year

Latin Culture, Uno-Dos-Tres

Spanish-Language Newspapers Expand As Competition Increases


Exploring Unpopulated Nations

  Sports & Entertainment

U.S. Softball Pitcher Does Family Proud

Celaya Says He'll Fight Cintron For A Title

High-Quality Rums Flow In The Caribbean

Clinic Provides A "Full Spectrum Of Health Care"
Fitting Into Genes
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Susana Torruella Leval: Education Policy Casualty

After Decades Of Bombings, An Island Begins To Heal

  Congress and the President

Campaign Ads Aim To Lure Hispanic Voters

Understanding The Voting Power Of Hispanics; Information About The Powerful Hispanic Electorate

  Business • Economics • Finance

Let The Spending Begin: Political Campaigns Will Pump About $49m Into The Advertising Industry During The Next 4 Months, Fueling Ad Executives’ Hopes For A Genuine Recovery

Advertising: The Perfect Bellwether

More Than $5.8m In Incentives Lost To Sara Lee, Harvey Hubbell

Cruise Industry Projected To Contribute $240m To P.R. Economy In FY 2005

Helping Local Independent Pharmacies Compete Against Megaretailers

EPA & Prasa Working To Improve Water & Sewerage System

Hispanics & The Bottom Rung; Many Take Less Desirable Jobs, Which Keeps Their Jobless Rate Fairly Low


Arrest Figures Reflect Surge In Latino Population


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