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Puerto Rico’s four Medal of Honor winners: They were honored with the nation's highest award for valor in military action.

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Volume 8, Number 26

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Calderón And Zorrilla: An Awkward Parting

The 1998 Plebiscite Revisited
NPP Vows To Defend Rossello’s Pension…
NPP Vows To Defend Rossello’s Pension Until The End, Party Leaders Incensed By Reduction… Ramos 32nd NBA Pick… 2 New Parties Certified… Sanchez Heads To Federal Bench… Coliseum Sets September Opening… Anthony Named To U.S. Olympic Team… President Bush Honors Rita Moreno
NPP Substantiates Rossello’s Pension...
NPP Substantiates Rossello’s Pension, OKs 1006 Campaign Promises… Calderon Denies Favoring Private Sector, Says Island’s Economy Expanding… J.Lo Warned Over Marc’s Fidelity… Bill Separating Senate & House Ballots Filed… Osvaldo Rios Arrested In Miami… Rossello’s Candidacy Dispute Reaches Supreme Court
Zorrilla Resigns Over Impasse With Calderon…
Zorrilla Resigns Over Impasse With Calderon… Tall Tales… P.R. Most Like America…Fajardo Eyes Expos…Festival Celebrates Island… Congressmen Ask For Jail Time In E-Rate Case… Official Who OKd Pension "Will Speak In Due Time"… Marchand Turns Down Judgeship… West Nile Virus Spreads… New Penal Code Signed; Effective May ‘05

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Coamo vs. Ponce In SBL Finals; Fajardo Expos?
  Washington Update
Congress’ Democratic Leaders On Territories Hail Kerry Puerto Rico Plan… Acevedo/Prats Ask Kerry For Clarification And Don’t Accept The Answer… Acevedo Ally Suggests Vote That Doesn’t Count In House For Puerto Rico… Full Vote In House For Non-States Said Constitutional

Why Not Incorporate Puerto Rico Into The U.S. Tax Code?

  Island Politics
Puerto Rican Democrats Skirmish Over Kerry: Status Of U.S. Territory Has Become A Campaign Issue
  The Local Scene

On Decentralization
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Try To Understand: On The Island `Borinquen,' Puerto Ricans Are Different

  Culture • Heritage • Language

English As A Second Language Is 1ST Step To Help For Many

MoMa Sends Latin American Works To El Museo del Barrio

Mamá Knows Best


Beyond Béisbol - In Or Out Of Expos Part-Time Park, San Juan Tourism Can Be A Ball

  Sports & Entertainment

Emulating Munson Pays Off For Posada

Menudo Returns; Hunt For New Members Begins

Fight Over Girl Brought To Light Singer's Talent

Axel Lluch Fosters Links To Latinos At Crucial Time
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Under 40: Success At an Early Age, Leeanna Roman Fournier…Capitol Profile: Rey Torres
Pentagon Asks To Shield Military Ranges From Environmental Suits
  Congress and the President

Bill Richardson: The Life Of The Party?

Georgia's First Spanish Ballots To Debut In Hall County This November

  Business • Economics • Finance

Creating The Perfect Government Health Plan: Beneficiaries Are Pleased, But Costs Are High & Medical Providers Say They Are Being Squeezed; Gubernatorial Candidates Reveal Their Ideas For Improving The Health Reform

Good Riddance: Labor Secretary Frank Zorrilla Won’t Be Missed

MIDA Wants Proposed Antimonopoly Bill Amended

10% Withholding Tax On Winnings Would Increase Burden On Casino Operations

3 Candidates, One Goal: PRCC Presidential Hopefuls Present Their Work Plans

Hispanics Generate Much Of Telecommunications Revenue In Tampa


Hispanics Continuing Explosive Population Growth… Assertions That Latino Migration Threatens To Divide The U.S. Disputed


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