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Puerto Rico’s four Medal of Honor winners: They were honored with the nation's highest award for valor in military action.

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Volume 8, Number 25

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Working The Refs

As The Casualties Mount, The Nation Questions The Cost
Kerry: Commonwealth A Temporary Option…
Kerry: Commonwealth Status A Temporary Option… Legislators Deny Anti-Business Bias…Rossello Ducks Press Controversy, Calls Gay Tourism Ads Inapt… Thousands Expected At Annual Fiesta… Yes To Pork Barrel Funds, No To Bills… Popular Opens Nasdaq…NPP Holds Protest Rally: PDP & Media Denounced… Gov. Links Navy & Vieques’ Cancer…
Calderon Dismisses UN Resolution…
Calderon Dismisses UN Resolution On Puerto Rico Self-Determination Rights… Prats Proposes Modification Of Cabotage Laws… Insurance Countersignature Law Challenged… Emotional Farewell For Sgt. Mora…Harvey Hubbell Closing Aibonito Plant Leaving 240 Jobless… PIP Lambastes Acevedo Over Status At UN, PROELA Asks Decolonization Comm. To Visit P.R.
Rullan Backtracks From Vieques' Cancer Remarks…
Rullan Backtracks From Remarks That No Navy-Vieques Cancer Tie Exists… Pirates' Pride… Dominicans' Boat Capsizes, Killing 3… NPP Denies Anti-Press Agenda… Gov’t To Help Laid Off Sara Lee Workers… Comptroller: Prepa Should Repay $50m… Bad Economic Conditions For Gas Retailers… CUD: Police Criminalize Small Businesses… 11k Graduate From UPR… NJ's 1st Hispanic Justice Okd

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
College An Option For P.R. Players Aiming For Big Leagues
  Washington Update
Kerry Proposes Democracy And More Equal Aid For Puerto Ricans… Acevedo Leads "Commonwealth" Campaign In States Against Kerry… House Passes Acevedo Puerto Rico Disinvestment Incentive
  Island Politics

Something Happens To Puerto Ricans On Their Way To Florida: Many Leave Politics Behind

The Politics Of Language: Daunting Challenges Await Those Who Arrive Unable To Communicate

The Power Five - These Latina Politicians Are Poised To Shake Up The World

  The Local Scene

A Story Of Growing Up, Growing Aware: Remarkable Mother Is At Center Of Memoir

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Thousands Hail Puerto Rico… Sierra & Yankees Stage Own Parade

DCF Reaches Out To State's Latinos

Dad's Illiteracy A Big Lesson For Little Girl


Tangling With A Coral Reef… The Best Of Puerto Rico's Great Outdoors

  Sports & Entertainment
Still Making The Escena

He'll Make You Fall Madly In Love With Your Duds… Pescado Gets A Latin Remake

FCC Overlooks Spanish Radio Stations In Crackdown

Childhood Pain Leads Jose Baez To Life Of Service
Census Bureau Says Asians & Hispanics Will Be Nearly Half Of U.S. Population In 2050
  Puerto Rico Profiles
'An Old-Fashioned Modern Priest'

The Wild New World Of Training; It's Far Less Predictable, And More Effective, Than Vieques

  Congress and the President

Quionnes Campaign Draws National Attention… Orange County Registration Gains Please Democrats

Hispanic Voters Will Affect Foreign Policy

Business • Economics • Finance

The End Of The Telecom Industry As We Know It?
Businesses & Consumers Start Swapping Wired Phone Lines For Phone Service Over The Internet

The Telephone Revolution; Unfinished Business

Levitt Homes President & CEO Rafael Torrens Says Proposed Antitrust, Minimum-Wage Bills Would Do More Harm Than Good

P.R.’s Pharmaceutical Drug Sales Grew 18% To $1.5b In 2003

Local Partnership To Build Tourism-Residential Project In Rio Grande

Excessive Employment Regulation Hinders Economic Development

P&G's Hispanic Accent… How Wells Fargo Banks On Hispanics


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