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American military conflicts in which U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico lent their strength, courage and sacrifice.

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Volume 8, Number 21

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Despite Hits, Rosselló Still In Front

Will the Hispanic Vote Decide the Presidential Election?
White House Status Group To Meet In SJ…
White House Status Group To Meet In SJ… Viequenses Demand Health Services… U.S. House Blocks Vieques Cleanup… Calderon Rutgers Honoree… EQB OKs Americas Port… 100 Soldiers Home From Iraq… Beach Conservancy Campaign Launched…BRAC Postponement Rejected… Poll: Rossello 38%, Acevedo 31%
Calderon: Rossello To Be Fully Investigated…
Calderon: Rossello To Be Fully Investigated… Viequenses Plan Capitol Protest… $1m More For Nonprofits… Most Wanted… Galindo Picks Kansas… EEC Proposes Educational Exchange… Carolina Sewer Plant In State Of Emergency… Serrano Asks FBI To Investigate Muñiz Varela… VA Hospital Gets New $25m Tower
McClintock Airs Kerry Concerns…
McClintock Airs Kerry Concerns… Vidro Inks $30M, 4-Year Deal… Jose Cotto Wins Lightweight Title… Vieques Leaders Go To Washington To Revive Cause… Acevedo Presents His Health Plan… Rodriguez Questions Poll Accuracy… Red Cross Wants New Blood… Fed Funds To Fight Coqui Sought… Army Reservist Back From Iraq Shot Dead

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Mayaguez Has Much To Gain From Hosting 2010 CAC Games; Islanders Bring In The Other Maradona
  Washington Update
Acevedo’s Strategy For Deterring The President’s Status Task Force…Vieques Clean-Up Amendment Rejected By House Committee…Puerto Rico Puerto Ricans Poorer Than Puerto Ricans In The States
Puerto Rico's Unjust Status-Right To Vote Denied!
By Dennis O. Freytes
  Island Politics
PRFAA’s Registration Campaign Expands… National Effort Comes To Jacksonville…Puerto Ricans Are A Wild Card In Osceola
  The Local Scene

Cepeda Can Go Home, He’s Looking Forward To Weekend…"Tito" Unretiring…Boricua Pop Arrives…Dragonfly Too Top Nightspot

Ponce de Leon Lives On In OSJ; This Colonial City Contains Some Of The Best Spanish Architecture In The Western Hemisphere
  Culture • Heritage • Language

2 Soldiers' Mad Dash To Wed; They Had Dreamed Of An April Wedding - The Nat’l Guard Had Other Plans

Latin Accents Heat Up Chicago's Dining Scene

Written Word Joins Cuban Authors, On & Off The Island

  Sports & Entertainment

Which Juan Gonzalez Will The Royals Get?

Documenting An 'Invisible' Problem: "Into the Arroyo"

At This School, It's Not Lost In Translation

Report: Latino Students Founder; Chicago Schools Fail Them, It Says
Translations For Students' Parents Sought
   Puerto Rico Profiles
A New Attitude At Prince Tech
A Dirty Injustice: Pollution Threatens The Health Of Millions Of Latinos
  Congress and the President

Republican Leaders Seeking To Increase Hispanic Vote… Smell The Café: Both Parties Woo Hispanics

Dems Court Hispanics In Orlando…Kerry's Camp Eyes Vital Vote…Still Up For Grabs…"An Early Advantage" Over Bush In Central FL

  Business • Economics • Finance

Tourism’s Potential: By 2014, The Tourism Industry Could Represent $19.3b A Year To The Local Economy & Generate More Than 120,000 Direct Jobs, If...

Go Tourism

Vieques & Culebra Master Plan: Tourism, Low-Impact Manufacturing, & Fishing Industries To Be Emphasized

Despite Prepa’s Hedging, Electricity Prices Keep Rising

BBVA Mortgage’s Domenech Predicts 7% Mortgage Rate This Year

Puerto Rico's No. 2 Bank Ups Stake In Panamerican

New Rules On English Fuel Debate In Florida Schools… As A Second Language, Learning Words To Open Doors

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