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American military conflicts in which U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico lent their strength, courage and sacrifice.

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Volume 8, Number 17

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The Attack Comes Back

We Want To Know
Puerto Rican Is Oldest Living Woman…
Puerto Rican Is Oldest Living Woman…Prats Attempts To Revive Section 956… PIP: Return Of Machado Donation Illegal, Acevedo Vila To Reveal How Money Was Spent…Rossello Tax Investigation Denounced…700 Arrested In Island Wide Raid…Mari Bras Visits Chavez…Tourist Season "Successful"…Top Dem Coming On Fundraising Trip…
Navy’s Exit To Be Commemorated…
Navy’s Vieques Exit To Be Commemorated… Beat That, Cris Judd!… Rivera-Soto Nominated To Top NJ Court…PDP, NPP Seek Gov’t Investigation Of Acevedo Vila…PDP: Costa Rica Trip Worth It… Unemployment Up Despite 14k New Jobs… Denial Of Funds For Controller Decried… Fortuño Opens His Books, Will Prats?… War Affects Nat’l Guard Recruitment
Acevedo Vilá Will Retain Foreign Offices…
Acevedo Vilá Will Retain Foreign Offices… 2 Charged In Outback Slayings…Ruiz Stops Oquendo, Rivera Opts Out… `We're Not Even Hitting In Batting Practice', 000000!… Governor Justifies Costa Rica Trip…Double Murder Raises Death Toll To 256… Acevedo Vila To Broadcast Weekly…Rivera Schatz, Lambastes PDP, Journalists… Verdejo Signs With Wildcats

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Islanders Coach Finally Gets His Big Chance; Serralta Elected Soccer Federation President
  Washington Update
U.S. House Democrat Contradicts Acevedo On Shipping Laws Exemption… Commonwealther Who Exposed Acevedo Slush Fund Has Top Ties In DC… Commonwealthers Pledge $100,000 To The National Democratic Party… Prats Seeks Funds From Drug Companies, Pledges Rejected Tax Exemption… President’s Puerto Rico Status Task Force Meets On Legal Issues
Puerto Ricans Need A Way Out Of Limbo
By Herbert W. Brown III
  Island Politics
PRFAA Voter Drive Taking Aim At Latinos… Parga Rips Pelosi Aide
  The Local Scene

Puerto Rico Adds Specialty Screens…PSA In Next Round Of Port Of The Americas Bid

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Big Island Declares Frog Emergency…New Weapon Found To Fight Coqui…Population Increases 150% On Maui

Dinnertime Never Had A Better Friend Than Sofrito…El Caribe, New Haven

Theater Launching Bilingual Experiment


Something Old, Something New In San Juan

  Sports & Entertainment
Jockey Tries To Ride Out Bumpy Stretch…Touched By An 'Angel' - Horseracing Legend Takes A Star Under His Wing

U.S. Boxers To Take On Puerto Rico At Eldorado

Drag Performer 'Sexcilia' Built Name In Beach

Soldiers Bitter Over Longer Stay In Field…Celebrate Survival In Afghanistan… Navy Repair Group Fixes Water Leaks In Fallujah
Latin America's Greatest Need: Real Opportunity
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Maximino Morales: It's His Nature To Serve Others; From Classroom To Iraq
Did The U.S. Navy Pollute Paradise?
  Congress and the President

Pollster: Hispanic Vote Holding Steady…Key For Bush, Kerry…Jeb Bush Urges Hispanics To Re-Elect President

Never The Top Dog, Political Animal Quits

  Business • Economics • Finance

The Beautiful People: Puerto Rico Is A Gold Mine For Beauty Retailers

A Beautiful Business Opportunity; Give Tax Reform A Chance

Plans For Roosevelt Roads Don’t Measure Up, Say Environmentalists; Objections Raised To Proposed Residential Area, Hotel, & Marina

La Cruz Azul Shoots For $500 Million In Premiums By 2007: Residential Mortgage & Commercial Loans Help Give Bank Strong Finish

Popular Posts 20% Growth In Net Income

New World Order

Sex Appeal Translates To More Viewers

The Presidential Gentlemen: What Is The Typical Latin American Leader?

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