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April 23, 2004
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Why Do You Read the Puerto Rico Herald?

We want to know!

A high school student in San Juan told us that he accesses the Herald to research the archives for his term papers.

A sports junkie in Chicago starved for news of island baseball and boxing results, checks out the "Sports Beat" Column by Gaby Paese every week.

A woman in Hartford says she enjoys the "Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico" column because it brings back memories of her girlhood in Fajardo.

A political junkie on Capital Hill reports that she regularly references the "Washington Update" column.

A reader from Florida is amazed by the variety of Puerto Ricans featured in the "Profile" series.

A Puerto Rican couple, buried in Minnesota’s snow, says that their only news about home comes from their weekly reading of the Herald’s round-up of stories from the world press.

Occasionally we hear that an article in our "Travel" section has prompted a visit to the island.

John Marino’s insider’s report on island doings enjoys wide support, as do the articles contributed by Caribbean Business.

Our streaming video tribute to the late Don Luis Ferre garnered kudos from readers, while Puerto Rican U.S. military veterans are complementary of our current video series chronicling their sacrifice.

This column — the Hot Button Issue reader poll - has grown in popularity. The largest response — very negative — related to the accuracy of "True Colors," last year’s cover article about Puerto Rico published in the National Geographic Magazine.

Our coverage of Puerto Rico encompasses current issues and the gamut of human activities:

  • The political status debate.
  • Puerto Rico’s relations with Washington.
  • Political infighting on the island.
  • Puerto Rican personalities.
  • Newsmaker interviews
  • Opinion.
  • Trends.
  • General news.

The Herald’s prominence on such internet search engines as Google and Yahoo indicate that you are reading the page with increasing frequency and generally more so than other on-line Puerto Rico oriented publications.

Your response to our occasional "pop-up" polls provides Herald editors with gender and age profiles for readers and some idea of the areas of the country in which you live, but they tell us little about your interests and preferences.

So, this week’s question asks readers to pick the overriding reason that you access the website, http// .

Please vote above!

This Week's Question:

The principle reason that I access the Puerto Rico Herald is...

US . Residents
. PR
To follow a specific issue

7% To read a specific column

17% To research a specific issue

62% For general Puerto Rico news



.To submit your idea for a future PR Herald poll question or "Hot Button" issue, please click here.

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