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New World Order


January 14, 2004
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EDITOR: Carly Fiorina, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, recently stated that Americans need to get off their high horses and realize that it is not their God-given right to have a good job. I would like to remind her that it is our tax dollars that fund the military that makes it the safe world in which she does her business. According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, the job loss in America, both blue-collar and white-collar, has been in the magnitude of more than 15 million in manufacturing alone since 1981. Legislation was passed that actually encouraged jobs to go to places like Puerto Rico and the Philippines in which the corporations would be exempt from federal income taxes.

We now are expected to compete with the high-tech white-collar jobs in places like India and Russia where the average engineer/ computer programmer makes $4,000 to $7,000 per year. Likewise, the blue-collar manufacturing jobs went everywhere from Mexico to China. How can we be expected to compete with Third-World and communist labor? Who will pay for the policing of this "new world order" and "globalization?" What would you, Carly Fiorina, encourage our young people to study in college that would make them competitive with these engineers in India (of which many have come here to get schooled)? Would you have them work for $5,000 per year, too, and then ask them to pay for Iraq infrastructure building with their tax monies so that you can safely move more jobs there and elsewhere?


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