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April 9, 2004
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Unique Real Estate Offering! Ocean View!

Your Own Tropical Paradise

8,600 Acres Available For Development

Unspoiled Beaches

Deep Water Marina

Private Airfield

Existing Paved Roads

15 Minutes From International Airport

Existing Dwellings On Property

Your Address in the Greater Antilles

Present owner has held this exceptional property for six decades but is now anxious to move it to the right buyer.

  • Surrounded by graceful grass-covered hills, the property opens to a Southern Exposure at a point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.
  • Designed to accommodate 2/3 of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet
  • Was once considered as an emergency home port for the entire British Navy.
  • Additional 29,000 acres on close-by island also available for separate purchase.

Creative Opportunities for Development

Give flight to your fantasies!

  • Imagine a world class restaurant housed in a former airport conning tower!
  • Think of a NASCAR venue on 100 miles of paved roads!
  • Dream of America’s Cup Regatta starting at your 1200 foot concrete pier!
  • Plan your own HMO in a once-active hospital!?
  • Design your own city within the 1,300 existing vacant structures!

Labor Force Available for Hire

Skilled employees are available for hire.

Depending on its intended use, some 1,300 recently fired employees are available for immediate hire to the new owner. Among available job categories are stevedores, flight controllers, hospital administrators, tugboat pilots, groundskeepers and journalists. A full listing of employable skills is available to committed purchasers.

Owner May Assist New Purchaser

Although property will convey "AS IS," current owner is responsible to cure any environmental contamination caused by the property’s use as a training support facility since 1943, during which thousands of warships and countless military airplanes were fueled from petroleum tanks on the premises. Owner’s performance record in environmental clean-up of former military facilities is a matter of public record.

Owner May Lease Back Small Parcels

The owner may retain small portions of the land to engage in the training of Army Reserve and National Guard units in the conduct of jungle, desert and urban warfare. It is not anticipated that this use will interfere with adjoining civilian use.

Naming Rights to Convey with Purchase

Parcel presently carries the name "Rosey Roads" and was previously referred to as "Encenada Honda." There is no legal impediment to renaming the property after purchase. It is advisable, however, that the name appear in the Spanish language since the parcel is located on an island originally claimed for Spain by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and virtually all of its four million inhabitants are Spanish speaking. The island was annexed to the United States in 1898 as a territory. Its current local government is very sensitive to issues of culture and language. In a confidential document, the current owner outlines potential political pitfalls encountered when confronting spasms of nationalism.

Interest In This Parcel Is Already High

Even though the property has been available for less than a week, discussion of its potential future use is extensive.

The current administration of the territory is suggesting turning the parcel into a tourist "fantasy island," with high-end housing, a dock for cruise ships, a commercial airport and resort facilities. It envisions a one billion dollar public investment over time and has asked the legislature for 23 million dollars in seed money. A factor facing the island’s elected representatives is that the entire island is already saturated with tourist facilities and building more could detract from those existing.

A former Governor – now running to repeat in office – sees the parcel as contributing to the basic economic infrastructure. He would use the deep water port as a transfer point for large oceangoing ships to reload cargo to smaller vessels for transshipment to smaller harbors. This plan will run into problems because it competes with an existing plan to build a similar facility at Ponce, the island’s second largest city.

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US . Residents
. PR
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17% Encourage Gov. Calderon’s plan

26% Encourage Gov. Rosselló’s plan

20% None of the Above



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