What path leading to a referendum on a permanent political status for Puerto Rico do you wish to see?

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Luis A. Ferré helped shape the Puerto Rican agenda in the 20th century. “I am,” he said, “revolutionary in my ideas, liberal in my objectives, and conservative in my methods.”

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Volume 8, Number 12

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The Campaign Is On: Political Discourse Takes A Dive

The Puerto Rico Status Puzzle! How Will the Pieces Fall Into Place?
Government Aims To Boost Electoral Turnout
Government Aims To Boost Electoral Turnout…Parga: PDP Abusers Will Pay…Make Tax Returns Public, Rossello Prodded…Islanders Invited To 'Adopt A Beach' …Marc Sayonara Fells Dayanara…Dismantling Of Anti-ROTC Camp Begin…Hurricane Hunter Visits…Treasury Urged To Investigate Rossello…Pereira Won’t Tolerate Prison Gangs
Show Tracks Boston's Puerto Ricans…
Show Tracks Boston's Puerto Ricans…Rossello’s Tax Returns Raise Residency Doubts, PDP Challenged To Take Him To Court…Two Dead, Several Injured In Bayamon Prison Riot…Spc. Jocelyn Carrasquillo Killed In Iraq…Vieques Little Missed By Navy…Treasury Hopes To Collect $1b…Calderon Pays Tribute To Terrorist Victims
Rossello Lambastes Calderon Administration…
Rossello Lambastes Calderon Administration… Prison Extortion Scheme Bared…Garcia Staying Put… Nat’l Parks Co. To Fight For Isla De Cabras…Coast Guard Detains 236 Dominicans…Balance Island News…Hotel Occupancy Tops ’03…Unemployment Up…PIP Criticized For Protesting Status Hearings…P.R., SUSTA To Hold Exporter's Information Session

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Calderon, Morel And Dieppa Headline Weekend Fight Card
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Bewitched In Guayama
  Washington Update
Calderon Offices In States Serving As Other Governments… House Democratic Whip Passes Over Caucus Member For Rossello… Top Hispanic Democrat Also Backs Rossello After Acevedo Plea
Puerto Rico’s Eager To Use Its Political Relationship With The U.S. To Spur Its Economy & Attract Overseas Manufacturers
  Island Politics
PDP: Rossello Has A Lot To Explain, He Offers Pro-Environment Development Plan… Archbishop Urges Votes Of Conscience… Crime-Fighting Ads Called Political… Grievance Filed Against Santini Campaign
  The Local Scene

History Of Native People Spurs Debate

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Arrivals Change Latino Portrait: Immigrants Alter Community's Fabric

Love, Common Ground Make Recipe For Two-Culture Family

The Hispanic Boom…U.S. Latinos Biggest Minority Group After Unstoppable Population Growth


Caribbean Begins Recovery From Doldrums: The Business Place For The 21st Century

  Sports & Entertainment
Puerto Rican 7-Footers Show Talent In Shoot Out

New Attitude From The Philosopher Of Rap

Traditional Puerto Rican Music Finds a Home in New Jersey

Spanish-Speaking Church, Health Department Spread The Word About Healthy Living
Returning Vets Find A Warmer Welcome Medically Than Their Vietnam Counterparts
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Southwest Spotlight: Angel Dejesus…Queens Profile: Maria Vester… Demanding, Stressful - But It's A 'Beautiful Career'

Luz Cuevas Was Told That Her Baby Had Died In A Fire: Then She Saw Her 5 Years Later: The Story Of Their Joyous Reunion

Navy To Take New Stand On Development Near Oceana: Noise Problem Had Been Underestimated
  Congress and the President

Bush Picks Orlando For Campaign Kickoff

Mattera’s ’Whites Only’ Scholarship Roils A Campus

  Business • Economics • Finance

Puerto Rico’s Private Security Business: Employing 60,000 Guards & Generating Investment Of Nearly $844m Yearly, It Is One Of The Island’s Most Important Industries

Puerto Rico’s Private Army

Fallout From Chicago Voter-Registration Fraud Spreads: PRFAA Sign-Up Drive Raising Questions There & Elsewhere In Country

Power Struggle: In Search Of Energy Alternatives For Puerto Rico’s Industrial Sectors

Banks Get Creative About Auto Financing

Keeping It Simple

New Index Puts Focus On Hispanic Growth, Tracks 10-Largest Latino-Related Firms

1 Year Later

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