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Luis A. Ferré helped shape the Puerto Rican agenda in the 20th century. “I am,” he said, “revolutionary in my ideas, liberal in my objectives, and conservative in my methods.”

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Volume 8, Number 11

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The PDP’s Status Problem…And The NPP’s Oscar Ramos Problem

Help The Candidate Pick A Running Mate
NPP Leaders Not Guilty In Riot Case…
NPP Leaders Not Guilty In Riot Case…Governor Offers Condolences To The Spanish People…Vieques Cleanup To Cost $114m…PIP Boycotts Status Hearings…Troops Return Home…Cult Leader's Resurrection Awaited…AT&T Wireless Sponsors Copur…Cartagena Restructures Police Operations
Feds Cut Jobs Programs By $100m…
Feds Cut Jobs Programs By $100m…Rossello Wants Courts To Resolve Corruption Cases… 2 Soldiers Wounded In Iraq… Riot Trial Continues With Expert Testimony…Prasa Operations Should Be Apolitical…Women Continue To Lag Politically…Calderon Stands Behind Anti-Violence Campaign, Rossello Calls It Misguided
Prats: Island Is Not A Colony…
Prats: Island Is Not A Colony… International Supreme Courts To Meet In Puerto Rico…EPA Proposes Cidra For Superfund…$478m Margin Left For Deficit Spending…Probe Cites Possibility Of Terrorists On Ships…The Noise Of Infinite Longing…Mother Reunited With Daughter…$10m Anti-Violence Ad Campaign Criticized…Acevedo Vila Promises Status Referendum

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Valentín And Manatí May Be Best Thing To Happen To Winter League Since Mays, Clemente
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Noches de Galeria
  Washington Update
Puerto Rico Administration Voter Registration Fraud In IL... Top Hispanic Democrat Calls For Democracy For Puerto Rico… Congressional Hispanic Leader: Independence Or Statehood… Two Democratic Governors Of 24 Do Not Support Rossello
We're Paying & Should Receive Full Benefits: Aren't We American?
  Island Politics
PRFAA Joins The Battle For Florida…$1m To Alter Non-Compliant Signs…Prats Says Rossello Overstates Democratic Governors’ Support…Martin Calls For A Clean Campaign…Acevedo Vila Starts New "Town By Town Revolution" Phase
  Culture • Heritage • Language

Pedro Pietri, Nuyorican Poet King Dies… When Life Is Art, Dying Is Simply Not An Option

Don't Underestimate Latino’s Deep Respect For Military

Adiós City Of Anglos: Latinos Transform London, Ont.

The Popular Island No One Goes To: Puerto Rico Has Long Been Overlooked In Favour Of Other Caribbean Destinations. What's Up With That?
  Sports & Entertainment

Apprentice Jockey Having A Hot Winter

Torruellas Shines In Plena World…The Masterful Marketing Of Manuel's `Serenata', Feliz Keeps Playing

Latin Flavor Gives O's A Recipe For Success

Giving Girls A Happy Ending
The Line Between Home & Away Has Become Blurred
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Rivera Is A Long Shot, But Only In A Good Way
  The Local Scene
Viva! - Scientists Do Battle With P.R. Lizard Invader…Unexpected Rapid Evolution Found In Caribbean Lizards
Marine Exercise `Went As Planned' At Eglin
  Congress and the President

Caribbean Felt TR's Big Stick; Model For Future U.S. Interventions

President Paying Price For Immigration Plan…Hispanics Divided… GOP Senators Back Proposal…Outcry On Right…Hits Blockade In Congress

  Business • Economics • Finance

Making Quick Magic: The Calderon Administration Has Invested $5.9b In Nearly 3,000 Infrastructure Projects To Jump-Start The Economy. Has It Worked?

Beef It Up, Speed It Up

International Banks Continue To Struggle In Latin America: Little Improvement In Regional Performances Seen

Manufacturers Association Considers Promoting 2 Tax Bills Before Congress

Sprint Reacts To The PRT’s Consolidation Of Calling Zones

Popular Securities Opening New York City Office

Hispanic PR Wire Launches Digital Network

Young, Poor Off To War

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