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Hispanic PR Wire Nearly Doubles Guaranteed Story Placements on Leading Latino Print Media Web Sites With Launch of Hispanic Digital Network

HPRW and Business Wire Hispanic Releases Now Appear on the Front Pages of Prominent Print Media Web sites in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Other Top Latino Cities Nationwide

December 9, 2003
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Hispanic PR Wire (HPRW) announced that with this week's historic launch of sister company Hispanic Digital Network (HDN), HPRW has nearly doubled the number of guaranteed story placements that clients get with every press release distribution. Hispanic guaranteed media placements are part of all HPRW distributions, including those offered through HPRW's national newswire partner Business Wire.

HPRW's newsfeed appears in real time on the front pages of prominent HDN print media web sites such as New York daily, Noticias del Mundo (, Chicago weekly, La Raza Newspaper ( and Houston weekly, Semana ( In addition, HDN's first wave of publications also includes seven Hispanic weeklies that are among the leaders in their respective markets. They are: El Extra ( and El Hispano News ( (both of Dallas), El Bohemio ( (San Francisco), El Latino (, El Vocero Hispano ( (Grand Rapids) and La Prensa Hispana ( (Indio, CA). Phoenix weekly Prensa Hispana will go online later this week.

With the addition of these 10 Hispanic Web sites, HPRW now features a total of 21 Hispanic media placements. The total is expected to grow rapidly in the coming months.

"The quantity of our Hispanic story placements is great but what's better is the premium front page locations that our clients' releases get, exclusively, on our news partner sites," said Manny Ruiz, CEO of Hispanic PR Wire and HDN. "Anyone still using any other wire service for Hispanic outreach is paying for a vastly inferior service. This will become even more apparent in the weeks and months ahead as HDN continues to grow and with it, HPRW's guaranteed placements."

The magnitude of HDN's launch is expected to positively impact the fields of Hispanic public relations, advertising and Internet industries in numerous ways. Among them:

-- The availability of quality, regional related Hispanic news content online will explode

-- PR pros will enjoy unprecedented opportunities to pitch stories, photos and interviews for the online versions of scores of Hispanic publications

-- Clipping services such as LatinClips will have more Hispanic media resources to clip. LatinClips in particular is tightly integrated to clip stories from all HDN publications.

-- Hispanic publications will assume a more prominent role in helping their readers become better users of the Internet.

-- Through HDN network-wide ad buttons and other alliances, Hispanic marketers now have new opportunities to conduct targeted and localized Internet marketing campaigns

About Hispanic PR Wire

Miami-based Hispanic PR Wire, Inc. (HPRW) is the nation's leading and most comprehensive Hispanic news distribution service reaching U.S. Hispanic and Puerto Rico media, opinion leaders and grass roots organizations.

HPRW exclusively features guaranteed placement of all client news releases through its Hispanic Digital Network(TM) as well as other news content agreements with Latino publications nationwide.

To learn more about Hispanic PR Wire's services visit the company's website at or call toll free, 1-866-HPR-WIRE, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 8 p.m. ET. A complete, full color brochure of our services can also be downloaded at

About Hispanic Digital Network

Latino-owned and operated Hispanic Digital Network (HDN) is the nation's first network of Hispanic publications on the Internet. HDN ( provides free Web solutions software for customized news Web sites for U.S. Hispanic publications and also represents them collectively and individually as a Hispanic Internet media-placement agency. HDN news Web sites are characterized by their ease of use and sophistication. Each Web site features news editorial, classifieds, community calendar and advertising posting systems that are fully Internet based. HDN Member publications have the ability to generate advertising revenues from their own locally designated ads, from network ad buys, from online classifieds and more.

HDN's roster of publications currently features: Noticias del Mundo ( (New York), La Raza Newspaper ( (Chicago), Semana ( (Houston), El Extra ( and El Hispano News ( (both of Dallas), Prensa Hispana (Phoenix), El Latino ( (San Diego), El Bohemio ( (San Francisco), El Vocero Hispano ( (Grand Rapids) and La Prensa Hispana ( (Indio, CA).

Attention Editors: HDN's logo and high-quality screen shots of HDN Web sites are available by clicking on this link,

Hispanic PR Wire, Miami Manny Ruiz, 305-971-2622 or Hispanic Digital Network Bill Gato, 305-971-7989

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