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Luis A. Ferré helped shape the Puerto Rican agenda in the 20th century. “I am,” he said, “revolutionary in my ideas, liberal in my objectives, and conservative in my methods.”

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Volume 8, Number 06

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Puerto Rico’s Border Problem

John F. Kerry
Kerry Surges! Where Does He Stand On Puerto Rico?
FTAA Belongs In Puerto Rico
FTAA Belongs In Puerto Rico, Say Business Groups…Padilla’s Lawyers Want Supreme Court To Stay Out Of Case…For Dems, Dean Is History…83 Faults Found At UT…Port Of Americas’ RFPs Sought…Island Wants 2010 World BB Champs…Kerry’s Self-Determination Stance Unchanged
Acevedo Vila: PIP, NPP United Against Commonwealth
Acevedo Vila Says PIP & NPP United Against Commonwealth… Bail Reform Bills Opposed…Record Number Of Migrants Detained…FTAA HQ Bid Backed…Feds To File Charges In Superaqueduct Case…Pudge Goes From 1st To Worst…Acevedo Vila Dissatisfied With Government Structure
Rossello Criticizes Izquierdo’s Confirmation...
Rossello Criticizes Izquierdo’s Confirmation, He’s Sworn In As Secretary Of State…Prats Promises To Increase Federal Housing Funds… Queen Mary 2 Visits… RR Free Water To Be Shut Down… Where The Guards Are Gone…Coast Guard Intercepts 348 Dominicans…Puerto Rico Says Farewell To Jose Miguel Agrelot, Flags At Half-Staff, Thousands Pay Respects

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  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
P.R. (Ponce) Out Of Caribbean Series Contention
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Tainos, Kayaks And Other Sights From Utuado
  Island Politics
What’s Cooking As The Race Heats Up?
  Washington Update
"Commonwealth" Abandoned, Status Vote Set On Decolonizing Options... Bush's Budget Provisions For Puerto Rico And Acevedo's Record
Taking Puerto Rico Out Of Limbo…Identity Over Federal Taxes For Puerto Ricans
  The Local Scene
Rivera: Crime Declines In Puerto Rico

Roche Diagnostics Ponce Named Best Employer In Puerto Rico

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Traditional Puerto Rican Music Finds A Home In New Jersey

'Here' Is The 'Where' That Really Counts

Think Spring And An Island Getaway
  Sports & Entertainment
Guillermo Diaz Has Soaring Reputation In The Big East

Salsa That Pops Latin Radio Makes Room For A Breezy New Sound

Tragic End For Rising Ring Star

Possible Hijacker Stopped At OIA… Just Doing My Job, Says Inspector Jose Melendez-Perez…Lauded By 9-11 Panel

Puerto Rican Native Gaspar Makes The Music Follow Her

Hartford: The Little Engine That Could
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Luis Llenza Sees Artistry In His Landscapes . . . And So Do Others
Navy Must Clean Up Its Vieques Mess
  Congress and the President
Pay Attention To Issues Important To Hispanics

New Latin American Poll Spells Trouble For U.S…Kick-Start Better Ties

Business • Economics • Finance
The Race Is On: The New Car Parade Is Coming; Competition In The Auto Market Will Be Fierce This Year

One Good (Cartagena), One Bad (Izquierdo)

Popular, First Bancorp, R-G Financial Had Solid 4Q

First Stage Of Medtronic’s $96.2m Investment In Juncos To Begin Operations

Wesley Clark Announces Policy For Puerto Rico: Declaration Creates Political Free-For-All On Island

A Cup Of Comfort; Neighborhood Coffeehouses Offer A Shot Of Warmth In A Cold World

The 46 Nations With Reasons To Hate The USA
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