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Governor Rejects Clark's Status Resolution Proposal…Canada Day In San Juan...Judge OKs Questions Regarding Official Use Of Flags…N.Y.’s #1 "El Vacilon De La Manana" Extends Hours…Calderon Files Bill Aimed At Fighting Illegal Weapons Use, Signs Law To Acquire Los Capuchinos Land… Cartagena Confirmed As Police Chief

Governor Rejects Clark's Proposal To Resolve P.R.’s Status

January 27, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) - Gov. Sila Calderon rejected on Tuesday a campaign promise by U.S. presidential candidate Wesley Clark to hold a referendum on the political status of Puerto Rico should he be elected.

Such a referendum, however, wouldn’t include the commonwealth as an alternative, Clark has said.

Calderon said that as such, Clark’s proposal is antidemocratic because most Puerto Ricans have endorsed this political formula.

"The people of Puerto Rico have expressed themselves on several occasions, democratically and by a majority, to be in favor of the commonwealth," Calderon said during a press conference following the announcement of project to construct the Government Financial Center.

Canada Day In San Juan

Wayne Scanlan

January 27, 2004
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Canada Day in San Juan.

Who would want to miss it?

Just imagine the scene. The Montreal Expos playing the Toronto Blue Jays in an interleague game, with thousands of Puerto Ricans waving red and white flags and singing O Canada.

It's going to be a touching moment.

OK. So maybe we're exaggerating just a little. Only to make a point.

The point being that professional baseball in Montreal is so complicated that it couldn't find a way to accommodate a Canada Day series on Canadian soil, er, turf. Because Expos players would only agree to another split "home" season between Montreal and Puerto Rico if the 22 San Juan games were played in the first half of the schedule, the Jays series hit the road, so to speak.

"[W]e don't actually play the Jays on Canada Day," said Claude Delorme, executive vice-president of business affairs for the Expos.

The series in San Juan is July 2-4.

Here's another factor. Maybe the biggest factor. Puerto Rico wanted to see native son and Blue Jays star Carlos Delgado. Sorry about that, Canada.

[It’s] sad to have Canada's teams slugging it out in Puerto Rico on or about Canada's birthday.

When it comes to Canada Day and its nice little tradition of playing the Jays, Montreal's motto should be: Better dead than in San Juan.

Judge Allows Questions Regarding Official Use Of Flags

January 27, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) - In an unexpected turn of events, Superior Court Judge Ruben Torres Davila on Wednesday allowed potential jurors in the case against four New Progressive Party (NPP) leaders charged with riot to be asked whether they favor the official use of both Puerto Rican and U.S. flags.

All potential jurors on the second panel responded affirmatively.

One retiree was dismissed because he said he believes all four candidates are innocent.

NPP Rep. Edwin Mundo, former party President Carlos Pesquera, former legislator Leo Diaz, and Electoral Commissioner Thomas Rivera Schatz are charged with riot for the violent incident that occurred at the Women’s Advocate office in June 2002.

The four leaders, along with dozens of supporters, stormed into the office lobby to place an American Flag alongside a Puerto Rican flag.

Spanish Broadcasting Announces Extended Hours For #1 New York Radio Morning Show

January 26, 2004
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NEW YORK, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. is proud to announce that its popular New York morning comedy show, "El Vacilon De La Manana", hosted by morning show leader Luis Jimenez, has extended its hours to 11:00 a.m. The one-hour extension of the morning show is appropriately named "Vacilon on Overtime" and will feature comedy, entertainment and a taste of Salsa and Merengue music.

Luis Jimenez and sidekick Moonshadow are regarded as the most entertaining personalities in Spanish-language radio. Commenting on the one hour extension of his show, Luis said, "We are giving the audience more of exactly what they want -- more fun every day."

According to the latest Arbitron Fall book, "El Vacilon de la Manana" is New York's #1 radio morning show in all demographic age groups, regardless of format or language, surpassing the ratings of veteran radio personality Howard Stern. "El Vacilon De La Manana" airs from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday on Spanish Broadcasting's WSKQ-FM ("La Mega 97.9") in New York City, America's most-listened-to Spanish language radio station.

Calderon Files Law Aimed At Fighting Illegal Weapons Use

January 26, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) – Two administrative bills send to the legislature on Monday seek to set greater punishment, such as the elimination of a reduced sentence benefit, for those convicted of crimes in which an illegal weapon was used.

La Fortaleza stated that one of the bills is aimed at eliminating the bonus rights, and the right to half-way homes given to inmates by the Corrections Administration to all those convicted of using an illegal firearm.

"The tendency to use firearms to commit crimes with fatal results is something that requires greater attention from the state as well as a greater punishment for the crime and the way in which such sentence is served," Gov. Sila Calderon said in a written statement.

Meanwhile the second bill is an amendment to the Parole Board law to eliminate the right of parole to all those convicted of carrying or transporting an illegal weapon.

Governor Signs Law To Acquire Los Capuchinos Land

January 26, 2004
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SAN JUAN (AP) – Gov. Sila Calderon signed into law on Monday a $12 million assignment for the Puerto Rico National Parks Company to buy and develop the land of the Los Capuchinos forest in Rio Piedras.

With over 14,000 trees, the 23 acres of land located next to the Luis Muñoz Marin foundation serves as a habitat for species that grow nowhere else, La Fortaleza stated.

The forest will be part of the environmental project known as the Ecological Corridor of San Juan which will extend to over 1,000 acres in the metro area.

"Our goal is to develop a healthy society, where economic development and the protection of the environment are balanced. As part of that effort we have taken steps to save green areas in the metro area," Calderon said.

Of the $12 million; $10.5 million will be used for the purchase of the land and $1.5 million for its development.

Cartagena Confirmed As Chief Of Police

By PRWOW Staff and Wire Reports

January 26, 2004
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Puerto Rico has its fourth chief of police in four years as on Monday evening the Senate confirmed Col Agustin Cartagena to the post.

Cartagena’s nomination received 16 votes in favor and one against from Puerto Rican Independence Party Sen. Fernando Martin.

Martin said he had nothing against Cartagena’s credential but favored a civilian for the post.

A veteran of the force Cartagena is only the second police superintendent to have reached the post by climbing all the ranks within the force.

At the time of his nomination he was acting as Fire Department chief.

Both the majority and the minority favored his nomination.

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