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Luis A. Ferré helped shape the Puerto Rican agenda in the 20th century. “I am,” he said, “revolutionary in my ideas, liberal in my objectives, and conservative in my methods.”

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Volume 7, Number 50

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Activist Gets 5 Years In Prison For Vieques Vandalism…
Activist Gets 5 Years In Prison For Vieques Vandalism… Bill Limiting Closing Hours Filed…Prasa, Ondeo Negotiations Deadlocked, Their Resumption Likely…Expos To Play 22 In P.R. Again…Kmart Must Pay Xmas Bonus…Rivera’s Replacement Chosen…Ondeo Decision Due…Santini: Return State Police To Santurce…Soldiers Begin Training
The White House Joins The Puerto Rico Status Debate
Presidential Candidates Favor Self-Determination…
Presidential Candidates Favor Self-Determination… Acevedo: Calderon Will Support Me…U.S. House Approves $20m For UT…SJ Chief Suspended After Disco Slayings, More Metro Police Patrols Ordered…Pudge Says Goodbye To Marlins…Humanists Meet…Medicare Bill Affects The Island…Legislature To Seek Tax Changes…Morel Loses WBA Title…Navy, Marines Move Training To Eglin
Independentistas Demand Return Of Political Dossiers…
Independentistas Demand Return Of Political Dossiers…Tadpoles Of Endangered Toads Arrive…A Warmup For Gloves…Governor OK’s $1K Bonus For Everyone…US Finds Irregularities In SJ AIDS Funds…UT’s Inauguration Delayed…RR Military Hospital Limits Operations…Bail Bill Not A Priority…Local, Fed Officials To Strengthen Anti-Crime Efforts…Bush Names 16 To Status Panel

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  Puerto Rico Report
The Ballad Of Sila’s Top Cops
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Is Cotto Ready For Title Fight? Notes From Top Rank Triple Crown II Card
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Fun And Sun In Vieques
  Washington Update
White House Names Task Force To Seek Puerto Rico’s Ultimate Status… Bush Aide: Territorial Status May Not Be In Vote On Democratic Options… Gov’s U.S. Offices Head Tells Companies & Groups Puerto Rico Is A "Country"… Presidential Candidate Kerry Said Committed To Democratic Status… House Democrats Endorse "Commonwealth" Party House Candidate… Prats Creates Focus On Acevedo $23 Million Funding Failure
  Island Politics
Holiday Season Curbs Campaigns
   The Local Scene
Puerto Rican Holiday Traditions
Puerto Rican Gene Pool Runs Deep
  Culture • Heritage • Language
El Jolgorio Navideno: Puerto Rican Fiesta Becomes A Tradition
Getting The Perfect Place In The Sun
  Sports & Entertainment
Actors In All-Latino Cast Savor A 'Historic Moment'
Vincent Muniz: Angel To Appalachia
A Safe Haven Finds Itself Under Siege
  Puerto Rico Profiles
New Millionaire, 91, Lacks Nothing -- Except Maybe A Wife
Marine Life Resource Conservation Effort At Vieques
Congress and the President
'New' Democrats Seek Hispanic Vote With Ads…Woo Hispanics In Orlando Area
Business • Economics • Finance
Tax Reform Now! Call For A New Tax System That Can Reduce Costs To Consumers
Spain's Socialists Balk At Plan To Criminalize Basque Referendum
Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,234,880.59
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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