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Rossello, Acevedo Vila Headed For A Tight Race

Most recent Internet poll discards theory of an NPP landslide next year; 3,253 responses tallied


December 4, 2003
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With scarcely 11 months to go before the 2004 local general elections, the most recent CARIBBEAN BUSINESS / PuertoRicoWOW poll shows that New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate & former Gov. Pedro Rossello would edge out a victory over his Popular Democratic Party (PDP) contender, Resident Commissioner Anibal Acevedo Vila.

Out of 3,253 respondents over a period of a week and a half, 1,693, or 52%, said they think the NPP ticket of gubernatorial candidate Pedro Rossello and resident commissioner candidate Luis Fortuño will win the elections next year.

Meanwhile, 47.7% of the respondents, or 1,550, said the PDP ticket of Anibal Acevedo Vila for governor and Roberto Prats for resident commissioner will win. Only 10 respondents, or 0.3%, see Puerto Rican Independence Party candidates Ruben Berrios for governor and Edwin Irizarry Mora for resident commissioner carrying the election.

The poll is the first one published after the results of last month’s primary, which decided the NPP candidacies for governor and resident commissioner. The PDP didn’t hold primaries for those posts.

"The notion that Rossello would score a landslide next year isn’t realistic," a long-time observer of the local political scene told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS. "Political forces in Puerto Rico are fairly evenly divided. So the numbers you saw in the polls published before the primary basically reflected the attention that the NPP gubernatorial primary race was receiving. Now that each party has settled on its ticket, you have a better opportunity to gauge the feeling out there."

As with other CARIBBEAN BUSINESS / PuertoRicoWOW polls, only one vote per computer is registered.


Who do you think will win the 2004 elections for Puerto Rico governor and resident commissioner?

Pedro Rossello & Luis Fortuño (NPP) 52.04%

Anibal Acevedo Vila & Roberto Prats (PDP) 47.65%

Ruben Berrios & Edwin Irizarry (PIP) 0.31%

PuertoRicoWOW poll results for a two-week period ending November 26, 2003; a total of 3,253 people voted.

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