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Is there life on Mars? Orlando Figueroa oversees one of NASA’s most ambitious projects, to determine if life ever existed on the "Red Planet".

Orlando Figueroa
NASA’s "Mars Czar" Is Puerto Rican


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Volume 7, Number 45

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Rossello, Fortuño, Bhatia Win Primaries…
Rossello, Fortuño, Bhatia Win Primaries… Poll: Acevedo Vila Would Lose To Rossello Or Pesquera…NY Officials Studying Vieques… Another Soldier Dies In Iraq…Maui Struggles To Rid Coqui…Legislators ‘Using’ PAN…84 D.R. Migrants Detained…P.R., OECS Seek Closer Ties…Pesquera Urges Voters To Defy Poll: Rossello, Fortuño, Bhatia To Win Primaries
Republican or Democrat! Does It Matter For Puerto Rican Candidates?
12th P.R. Soldier Dies In War Against Terrorism…
12th Puerto Rican Soldier Dies In War Against Terrorism…Pre-Election Status Referendum Ruled Out…Bail Law Amendments Go To Governor…Prasa Seeks Resolution Of Ondeo Impasse… Soldiers To Be Buried In Bayamon, NJ…Acevedo Vila Maintains Distance From Calderon…Island Gets $34.2m From U.S. Homeland Security…NPP Res. Comm. Primary Candidates Debate
2 Puerto Ricans Killed In Iraqi Helicopter Attack…
2 Puerto Ricans Killed In Iraqi Helicopter Attack… Municipal Party Nears Certification…P.R. Soldiers Guard The Pentagon…Rights Comm. Worried About Bail Changes…Vieques The Next Big Thing….Acevedo Vila: Navy Supports RR Agreements…VA Treating War Related Mental Conditions…10 Puerto Rican Soldiers Return On Leave…Powell: U.S. Represents All Citizens

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
Puerto Rican Primary Color
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Check Out Jazz Point Guard Carlos Arroyo, 5 From P.R. Named To Softball Hall
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Three Beaches For The Romantic In You
  Washington Update
Republicans Plan 2004 Tax Bills That Could Affect Puerto Ricans… Republican Gets Navy Base Disposal Review Agreement Reversed… Is Puerto Rico-Interested Senator Bob Graham Out of Politics?… Puerto Ricans Win Elections in States
  The Local Scene
Sgt. Francisco Martinez Insisted On Going To Iraq, He’s Remembered By Comrades
   Island Politics
Record Turnout For Primary Expected…PDP SJ Mayoral Candidates Highlight Their Plans…NPP Primaries Heat Up…Governor: Fortaleza’s Doors Open To Acevedo Vila…Rodriguez Claims Support Of 15 NPP Mayors…Rossello, Pesquera Differ On Corruption Focus…Acevedo Vila: D.C. Knows About Rossello…Cintron Proposes Santini As Republican Party Leader

Voter Drive Expands Into Delaware: Campaign Targets Puerto Ricans

Mariana Islands In Sea Of Isolation…Equal Status
Young Lords Will Stir Debate Among Puerto Ricans
  Culture • Heritage • Language
Official Who Suspended Teachers Failed English Fluency Test 3 Times…Won't Be Fired Mid-Year
New Lures On Caribbean Shores
  Sports & Entertainment
The Marlins' $10m Bargain: Ivan Rodriguez Proves He's Worth Every Penny
Sgt. Irene Acevedo Knows The Value Of Lifestyle, And Life Itself
Being Latin & Black Afro-Latinos Grapple With Labels In U.S.
Puerto Rico Profiles
Economist Anthony Chan Living His Dream
To Better See The Struggle To Oust The Navy From Vieques, Filmmaker Frances Negron Had To Make Herself Invisible
Congress and the President
Most States Not Fully Compliant: Optimism Premature On Bush's No Child Left Behind Program
  Business • Economics • Finance
Top 300 Becomes The Top 400 Locally Owned Companies
Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,236,465.45
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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