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Is there life on Mars? Orlando Figueroa oversees one of NASA’s most ambitious projects, to determine if life ever existed on the "Red Planet".

Orlando Figueroa
NASA’s "Mars Czar" Is Puerto Rican


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Volume 7, Number 41

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Citizens Comm. Against Violence Evaluates U.N. Model…
Citizens Comm. Against Violence Evaluates U.N. Model…Bhatia: Merge Municipal & State Police…Education To Pay 1.9m In Political Discrimination Suit…UA To Fly Daily Between D.C. & SJ…Police Chief Asked To Name D.R. Crime Liaison…Protesters March Against UPR Privatization Policy… Rivera Shatz Denies Sabotage Charges
Who’s On First? -- Who’ll Be First?
Arecibo Observatory To Celebrate 40 Years…
Arecibo Observatory To Celebrate 40 Years… Acevedo Vila Seeks Free Trade Pact With D.R.… Rossello Raises Over $200k…Mari Bras Asks PIP Status Talks With PDP…RR Possibly Contaminated…Fortuño Promises Money To Fight Crime…4 Sale: 2 Dresses, Never Worn…Poll: Rossello, Acevedo Vila In A Virtual Tie
Thousands March Against Crime…
Thousands March Against Crime…Segarra Presents Plan To Develop RR…Acevedo Vila: Withdrawal Of Mercado Nomination A Victory…PIP Demands Plan After 956 Defeat…EPA Fines Education $5.6m For Asbestos In Schools, Dept. To Receive $900 From In Fed Funds…Pataki, Schumer Defend Irizarry…Calderon Withdraws Mercado’s Nomination, Might Apoint Garcia Padilla

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
Silence In La Fortaleza; Rosselló's NPP Power Plays
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Superior Basketball League Tailors Its Pro Status
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
A Stormy Getaway In Playa Jobos
  Washington Update
Draft House Bill Also Excludes Governor’s Tax Cuts For Puerto Rico Profits... Calderon And Acevedo Still Lobbying For Sec. 956 Amendment... Acevedo Dismisses Senate Dems For Proposing Other Aid For Puerto Rico... U.S. Appeals Court Agrees With Overturning P.R. Supreme Court Ruling... Calderon Administration Flips Party Position On Dominican Republic Trade
New Territory For GALA: Puerto Rico's Ambiguous Status
   Island Politics
Residents Say Vieques Not A Gov’t Priority… NPP Satisfied With Audit, PDP Lambastes Auditor…Rossello: No Illegal Donations During My Presidency…NPP, PIP: Losers Are Calderon & Acevedo Vila…Fas Accepts Responsibility For Bad Advice On Mercado
  The Local Scene
Portrait Of Commitment / Despite Dangers, Reservists Vow To Finish Work In Iraq
  Culture • Heritage • Language
A Day To Celebrate
Puerto Rico Tourism Company Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Paradores Program; Family-Owned Country Inns Offer Charming Settings & Good Value
  Sports & Entertainment
Alomars' Goal: Stay With Sox
Ouimet Fund Honors Chi Chi Rodriguez
Miramar Seeks To Fill Widening Language Gap
Puerto Rico Profiles
Roberto Clemente's World Series
Bombs Away
Congress and the President
Clark: Appeal To Hispanics, Blacks Is No Mystery
Business • Economics • Finance
Here’s What We Can Do To Reduce Crime Now!
Adjusting To Majors Has A New Meaning
Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,238,842.73
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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