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Bombs Away

July 1, 2003
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1 July 2003

Volume 25, Issue 2; ISSN: 1537-4246

It was perhaps the first time in six decades that the residents of Vieques had cheered an explosion. Fireworks lit up the skies and people danced in the streets on May 1 in celebration of the Navy's official withdrawal from the Puerto Rican island. The Navy had been using Vieques as its primary bombing range for 60 years, pummeling it with everything from napalm to bombs laced with uranium. Though the skies are quiet now, the fight's not finished, according to NRDC senior attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. "What the Navy put these people through-our fellow American citizens-was shameful," says Kennedy, who was one of more than 1,600 people arrested over the years for civil disobedience while protesting the Navy. "Now we have to make sure that the government doesn't add to that shame by shirking its responsibility to clean up the mess it left behind."

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