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Town To Share Finance Chief, Alfredo Acín, With Palmetto Bay


June 29, 2003
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Miami Lakes has a new face at town hall.

Alfredo Acín, who most recently spent a year as deputy finance director for the city of Homestead, is now the town's new finance director.

''It's great to be here,'' Acín said Tuesday. ``I like the town, the people, and the environment a lot.''

Acín will work part time for both Miami Lakes and Palmetto Bay. His schedule allows him to work in Miami Lakes all day Tuesdays and Fridays and Wednesday mornings. He will work in Palmetto Bay all day Mondays and Thursdays and on Wednesday afternoons. He started the new jobs this week.

Acín will earn a total of $79,000 from both towns, with payment evenly divided between Miami Lakes and Palmetto Bay, according to Miami Lakes Town Manager Alex Rey.

He came to Miami Lakes through the Morgan Parker temporary employment agency and has been working with the town as a financial consultant since the first week of May. He was kept on board after the town canceled a planned announcement last month naming a finance director after the candidate turned down the offer at the last minute.

''So far he's done a very good job,'' Rey said in an interview Tuesday.

''He's already worked on putting out financial projections and is working on the budget for next year,'' Rey said.

A native of Puerto Rico, Acín graduated from the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras in 1979 with a bachelor's degree in business administration.

He took MBA courses at the Inter-American University in San Juan before moving to South Florida in 1985.

He spent 13 years at Florida International University, serving as director of financial operations and director of internal management auditing for FIU's outreach program, the conference center and weekend and non-credit courses.

The transition from a large public education institution to a small municipal government is one that Acín says he is enjoying, so far.

''I like it in the sense that it's easier to know everybody because when you have thousands of employees like in FIU that's impossible,'' he said. ``Things can be done quicker, too.''

Acín is also a certified public accountant and a certified fraud examiner, qualifications he expects to put to good use in his new post.

Being finance director of two growing cities represents a new sort of challenge for him.

''Being here gives me the opportunity to get things right from the beginning, instead of inheriting all the problems of an older city or company,'' Acín said.

``I'm looking forward to being here and to being able to set trends and create patterns from the start.''

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