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McCann-Erickson Regional Director: Puerto Rico Is A Natural To Become Center Of Advertising Excellence

Local Office Ranks Fourth In Agency’s Latin America Region


August 7, 2003
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McCann-Erickson Puerto Rico ranks No. 4 in billings, revenue, and results in the advertising firm’s Latin America region, which comprises 74 companies, said Regional Director Jens Olesen.

Olesen, who visited Puerto Rico last week, told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS the island is a natural to become a center of excellence in the McCann-Erickson network. "Miguel [Escobar] is a veteran of this business; with more than 35 years’ experience, he has been around longer than most. I have total confidence in his ability to manage this complex area," said Olesen of McCann-Erickson Puerto Rico’s president, who manages 10 other markets in the region.

According to Olesen, McCann-Erickson is getting through the tough economic times by investing intelligently in the areas that matter most: "the consumer, the consumer, and our clients," he said. Olesen said the agency maximizes clients’ ad dollars by ensuring plans crafted for them are effective, efficient, and provide a return on investment.

McCann-Erickson helps grow the businesses of such clients as Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Chevrolet by offering alternatives to traditional advertising. "Clients are looking for an agency that has excellent media-planning tools, but it is equally important to look for an agency that offers strategic media insights," he said. "The media mix is changing and many clients are looking for more than a 30-second TV commercial or a full-page ad in the newspaper." Olesen added that clients should hold agencies accountable for their actions, investments, and plans.

For Olesen, the advertising business is all about managing brands so they reach their highest potential. "We are in the brand-building business. If a brand doesn’t grow to become a leader or a potential leader, then we aren’t doing a very good job," said Olesen. "And that is our job. That is what Miguel Escobar must do and what his people must do."

Olesen noted Escobar has a new addition to his team, Carlos Rubin as creative director. "All the signs indicate he’s going to be great," said Olesen. "He will work on the biggest brands in the business, which will be a great challenge for him, but he will fit in."

Olesen also spoke of the importance of investing in the smartest, best-educated people to keep the company going. "We look for people who have a strategic mind, a creative heart, and good business sense, and we train them to become global, regional, and local brand leaders," he said.

He added women have been critical in developing McCann-Erickson in the region. "I was the first to appoint a female executive vice president in Brazil 25 years ago," said Olesen. "Everyone thought I was crazy, but I feel women have played a very important role. In many cases, they are more stable, more loyal, and more levelheaded than men. The women give much more stability to the company."

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