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Is there life on Mars? Orlando Figueroa oversees one of NASA’s most ambitious projects, to determine if life ever existed on the "Red Planet".

Orlando Figueroa
NASA’s "Mars Czar" Is Puerto Rican


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Volume 7, Number 31

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Exclusive Sen. Ramirez: White House Will Offer Choice Of Independence Or Statehood
Sen. Ramirez Says White House Will Offer Puerto Rico Choice Of Independence Or Statehood… Defendants Acquitted In Death Penalty Case…Senate To Hold Hearings On Constitutional Assembly…6th Soldier To Die In Iraq Buried…Florida Solicits Investments …Expos Don't Want 2 Home Sites…Rodriguez Proposes NPP Res. Comm. Debates
The Many Approaches To A Puerto Rico Status Change
Blue Ribbon Finds Pridco Misused Public Funds…
Blue Ribbon Finds Pridco Misused Public Funds…Pesquera Backs Port Of The Americas…UPR Demonstrates Anti-Malaria, Malignancy Agents…Olympic Qualifying Tourney Opens Aug. 20th …Rossello Out Raises Pesquera 17:1…P.R. 4th In Genetic Food Experiments…New Yorkers Win "World Salsa Open" Crown…Island Hosts State Sup. Ct. Justices
Fortuño Files For Resident Commissioner…
Fortuño Files For Resident Commissioner, Gets Ferre’s Endorsement…RR Tourism Promoted…Statehooders Commemorate Barbosa's Birthday…PIP Ratifies Berrios As Its Gubernatorial Candidate…Gov’t Funds $1.6m For P.R. 2025…Rossello’s RR Megaport Opposed…Basques Seek P.R. Style Self-Rule…Calderon Renews Call For Status Assembly…Soldier Dies In Iraqi Accident

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
The Shotgun Approach To Status
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Puerto Rico Gears Up For Pan Am Games
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
What Princess Wants Princess Gets - At Hotel El Convento (Just Don't Tell Mother Superior)
  Washington Update
Two Influential Republicans Cast Aside Governor’s Tax Plan, Former Senate Sponsor Also Dashes Hope for Inclusion in Current Tax Bill… Economist Rips Governor’s Proposal, Suggests a Very Different Alternative… U.S. Senators Support Puerto Rico Congressional Candidate
  Island Politics
Running In Puerto Rico, Rallying In Philadelphia
  The Local Scene
  Culture • Heritage • Language
Paseo Boricua: Puerto Rican Boulevard In Downtown Chicago Gets New Life
  Sports & Entertainment
Immigrant Life in All Its Jagged Rhythms…Franky G. Acts His Way Out Of A Corner With `Manito'
Dwight Elementary School Honors Diverse Heritage
Perez Raises The Bar In Campaign Kickoff
Puerto Rico Profiles
Judge Juan Ramon Sanchez Strives To Pass Along Love Of Law
Dreaming Of Vieques: An Era After The Ousting Of The Navy
Congress and the President
Facing A Jury Of (Some Of) One's Peers
  Business • Economics • Finance
Raising Ramey: Study Outlines New Options For Turning The Old Ramey Base Into The Economic Hub Of Puerto Rico’s Northwestern Region
Life, Politics & Legacy Of Eleanor Roosevelt: In Puerto Rico, Too
Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,243,069.01
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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