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El Nuevo Día Will Launch Spanish-Language Daily Newspaper For The Orlando And Central Florida Markets

May 27, 2003
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SAN JUAN -El Dia Inc. publishers of El Nuevo Dia, the largest circulation Spanish-language daily newspaper in the United States, today announced the launch of a Spanish-language daily newspaper that will cater to Latinos living in Orlando and Central Florida. Orlando which is the 21st largest Hispanic market in the country also ranks 5th in per capita buying power and is one the fastest growing markets in the country. (SRC 2002 U.S. Hispanic Market Study)

The newspaper, which will also carry the name El Nuevo Dia, will begin publishing Monday through Friday editions in August of this year. El Nuevo Dia's editorial content will include local, national, international, entertainment and sports news. It will also cover news from Puerto Rico (Puerto Ricans represent about 50% of Central Florida Hispanics) and from other Latin American countries. Another of the newspaper's objectives will be to become an integral part of the community and to bring forth issues that are relevant to their daily lives such as education and healthcare among others.

Antonio Luis Ferre-Rangel, Vice President of Business Development for Grupo Ferre-Rangel the parent company of El Dia Inc. said: "We have been researching the Orlando and Central Florida Hispanic markets for a number of years and we believe the time is right to provide the community with a newspaper that represents their values and highlights the important contribution they are making to Orlando and Central Florida."

Mr. Ferre Rangel also announced the appointments of Jaime Segura, as General Manager for the new El Nuevo Dia and Jose Maldonado as Editor. Both Mr. Segura and Mr. Maldonado come from El Nuevo Dia in Puerto Rico where they were Senior Vice President of Circulation and Business Editor respectively. "We will be bringing some of our most experienced talent from Puerto Rico and will also be hiring locally, for editorial, sales, circulation and other management positions," added Ferre-Rangel.

"We look forward to servicing the Orlando and Central Florida communities with dedication and hard work in order to bring the best and most reliable news and information coverage possible. As the only daily paper in Spanish, we will also be providing a unique advertising opportunity for retailers and companies looking to reach the fast growing Central Florida market," stated Segura.

This is Grupo Ferre-Rangel's first venture into the mainland U.S. Hispanic market. The Group was formed in 1998 to oversee other media, communications and marketing investments of the family-owned business, which include newspapers, a state-of-the-art printing company and a direct marketing services company.

About Grupo Ferre-Rangel

Grupo Ferre-Rangel is one of the largest Hispanic owned businesses in the United States and the largest privately held Hispanic owned media company in the country. GFR publishes four newspapers in Puerto Rico; El Nuevo Dia founded in 1970 with and ABC audited circulation of 203,058 daily and 242,317 on Sundays; Primera Hora founded in 1997 with a daily circulation of 119,300 and two weekly papers El Horizonte and El Norte each with a circulation of 40,000. GFR also owns Advance Graphic Printing, a commercial printing company specializing in advertising inserts; 11Q, an AM radio station; Pro-Natura, a recycling company and El Dia Directo, a direct marketing services company.

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