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Is there life on Mars? Orlando Figueroa oversees one of NASA’s most ambitious projects, to determine if life ever existed on the "Red Planet".

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Volume 7, Number 25

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Ponce De León's Letter To King Ferdinand Fetches Record Price…
Ponce De León's Letter To King Ferdinand Fetches Record Price…Schumer Standing By Irizarry… House Postpones Penal Code Revision…SJ Among Most Expensive Cities… Calderon Kicks Off U.S. Voter Drive, Denies Budget Impact, She’s Accused Of Politicizing PRFAA…Garcia’s Pan- Am Health Appt. Lauded
Stargazer Dr. Orlando Figueroa: NASA’s Puerto Rican "Mars Czar"
Gov. Won’t Replace Hernandez Mayoral, PDP Hasn’t Considered Another Candidate…
Gov. Won’t Replace Hernandez Mayoral, PDP Hasn’t Considered Another Candidate… John, Paul, George, Ringo & Bernie?… Gov’t To Aid Bristol Myers’ Laid-Off Workers…NAMI: Mental Health Reform Inadequate…2,500 Arrested In Drug Raids… Calderon In D.C. For Economic Talks, Philadelphia For Voter Drive
Puerto Rico Wins 1st Miami Cup…
Puerto Rico Wins 1st Miami Cup…EPA Asked To Prioritize Vieques & Culebra…LMM Passes Federal Evaluation…Calderon Touts Special Communities, Apologizes To Mejia For Press Behavior…New Health Reform Contracting System To Begin…P.R., D.R. Strengthen Ties…Medicare Prescription Benefit To Include Island

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
Memo To Calderón: Charity Begins At Home
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Weighing In On Latin Fury Fight Card
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Shake That Sacred Sacrum: Yoga In Puerto Rico
  Washington Update
Governor’s Office Says Senate Committee OK’d 956 Amendment… Calderon Still Locked Out Of White House…She Continues Voter Registration Drive In States…House Committees Vote To Improve Puerto Rico Medicare Rates
A New Way To Resolve Status Indecision
By Garry Hoyt

Anger Over Death Penalty Case; A New Rallying Point For Demanding A Change In Island's Status

  Island Politics
The Queen Is Dead! Long Live...The Prince?
By Arturo J. Guzmán

Pesquera, Rossello To Participate In NPP Assembly, Radiomarathon. …More PDP Candidacies Sought…Rossello Raises $200K…Hernandez Mayoral Running-For Now….Pesquera Makes It Official…O'Neill: NPP Is In Crisis…Vizcarrondo Blames Media For Bad Image…Vigoreaux For SJ Mayor

  Hot Button Issues
Should Governor Calderon Stay At Home?
  The Local Scene
Some Seek Divine Intervention As Caribbean Braces For A Nasty Hurricane Season
  Culture, Heritage & Language
Hispanics Declared Largest Minority…Population Up 10% Since 2000

Gender War Waged In Two Languages

Family Bios: Díaz family, et. al.

Giving Fellow Hispanics A Feeling Of Home

Two-Inch Latino Role Models, For Good Or Ill

Celebrating The Departure Of Its Best-Known Tenant…The Caribbean's Last Secret; A Bombing Range Long Kept Visitors Away & Has Left Vieques Uniquely Unspoiled
  Sports & Entertainment
The Goofy Side Of 'Puerto Rico'

Rios Longs To Catch Wave: Surfer/Outfielder Frustrated Sitting On Sox's Bench

Latinas Lean On Hollywood's Door

The Domino Effect: Game A Main Feature In Beach's First Latin American Festival

  Puerto Rico Profiles
Luis Guzmán: Gang Member No. 22 To Sitcom Dad
Puerto Rico Closer To Freedom
Spanish Errors Irk Latinos…'Are You Hispanic?' Query May Have Caused Census Miscount
Leadership Under Fire
Being A Leader Means Standing Up For What’s Right–Even If Your Enemies Declare War, Says Linda Chavez
Congress and the President
Richard Carmona: Top Doctor Staying On Safe Ground

Calderon Meets With Top Bush Administration Officials To Discuss Puerto Rico's Role In Caribbean & Latin American Trade, She Promises $12M Voter Registration Push…Rendell Joins Effort To Promote National Campaign

  Busine$$, Economic$ & Finance
Blockbuster Drugs Go Generic: But A Steady Pipeline Of New Drugs Ensures There Will Be Plenty Of Business For Both For Years To Come

CPAs Call On Hacienda & CRIM To Purge Debtor Lists: Gov’t Notices Upset Many Taxpayers & Accountants; Question Collection Figures

PRMA Backs House Bill To Incentivize Pharmaceutical Drugs’ Clinical Trials: Industry Invests Up To $30B In Research & Development Worldwide

Extended Health Reform Contracts Allow Insurers To Improve Beneficiaries’ Health

El Experimento: Sun-Sentinel Newsroom Tries A New Culture

Accessing The Puerto Rican Mobile Market

United States Ideal - Expansionist Imperialism
Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,245,182.15
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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