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The continued existence of the U.S. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, in Ceiba, Puerto Rico will be decided in 2005. $250 million of annual income for Puerto Rico is on the line...

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Volume 7, Number 24

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Anti-Drug Operation Nets Over 1K Arrests…
Anti-Drug Operation Nets Over 1K Arrests… Calderon, Mejia Discuss Closer Ties…Gov. Denies Obstructing Justice In U.S. Probe…Audit Reveals Lack Of Controls At Arms Depot… Federal Protection For Coqui Sought…Last Anti-Navy Protester Released… Pope Appoints Felix Lazaro New Ponce Bishop
Governor Sila Calderon! Pushed or Pulled?
PDP Legislative Leaders Quiet About Sodomy…
PDP Legislative Leaders Quiet About Sodomy…McClintock: PDP Bill ‘Victimizes’ Tourism Industry…10K Summer Jobs Created…Fernos Praises Rossello’s Art. 103 Stance…UN OK’s Self-Determination Resolution…Urban Train Running Late…Thailand To Take On P.R.…Acevedo Vila Will Run For Rep-At-Large…CRB: Pesquera Should Resign
Rossello Promises Universal Healthcare, Favors Eliminating Art. 103…
Rossello Promises Universal Healthcare, Favors Eliminating Art. 103…Aguadilla Mayor Seeks More Homeland Security Aid…106 Jail Breaks In Past Year, 25 Inmates On Loose…Gov. Blamed For Decline Of Public Healthcare, She Addresses Deficiencies, …Hernandez Mayoral: Poor Performers Among PDP Legislators…SEC Asks For Amendments To Political Financing Law…Treasury Incentive Plan Reaps $23.4M

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
Show Biz, Politics And Youth… Rosselló Takes Tough, Courageous Stand
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
"The Angel Of Puerto Rico," Angelita Lind Stretches Her Wings
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Splish Splash: San Juan's Annual Born-Again Beach Bob
  Washington Update
Congressional Committees Move To Increase Puerto Rico Medicare — Why...New Territories Staffers In Committees
Wolfowitz & Jefferson On Democracy
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

U.S. Imperialism -- A Force For Good

  Culture, Heritage & Language
All Things Puerto Rican: When 5th Ave Runs All The Way To SJ…Booing Bloomberg, Cheering Pataki…Plywood Up, Parade Coming…Day Can Pull The Heart Two Ways

Living La Vida; Latinos Strive To Preserve Traditions While Adapting To America

Black Enclaves See Latino Influx Recent Arrivals Vie With Longtime Residents For Voice

Bristol Colon To Lead Pa. Agency For Latino Issues

  Puerto Rico Profiles
Charisse Colon: Pet Psychic ; "I Can Speak To Animals, & They Tell Me Things."

Esperanza Marrero: N.Y. Golden Oldie Reaches Spry 110

SoFo Culinary Week Revamps Old San Juan’s Economy

Salsa Lovers Head To Island For A Hot Time

  The Local Scene
Gonzalez Enjoys Near-Mythic Status In His Native Land

Empowering The Poor

Hartford Bids A Bilingual Goodbye To A White-Collar Past
  Island Politics
PDP Senators File Candidacies For Re-Election

Dedocracia: Successor Politics In Puerto Rico

  Sports & Entertainment
Ricky Martin Hits No. 1 Again; Almas Del Silencio Sets Sales Record

Six 'Unique' Latinas With Stereotypes Aplenty

Boxing Club Finds A Home In Church

Inspired Salsa Pairing Makes Electrifying Big-Band Combo

Honoring Edna Rivera: HOGAR Director An Advocate For Housing Needs
Some Call Vieques Home…'Disgrace To Their Memory'
  Congress and the President
Smile, You're On Candidate Camera; With An Insider's Eye, A Film Comedy Skewers Harlem Politics
Busine$$, Economic$ & Finance
Which Is The Fastest-Growing Bank In Puerto Rico? You’ll Never Guess Which One!

Puerto Rico Outperformed U.S. Mainland In Retail Sales Gains Last Year: Only Stateside Automobile Dealers Fared Better Than Their Local Counterparts

Wyndham Obtains Loan Extensions: Pushes Back Its Major Debt Payments To 2006

20 Local Companies Rescued; $173.1M In Tax Credits Issued: Pridco Credits Law 109 With Saving 1,170 Jobs

Yet Another Beginning On Heartbreak Street

Caribe.Net Launches Services In Miami

Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,245,974.58
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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