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The continued existence of the U.S. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, in Ceiba, Puerto Rico will be decided in 2005. $250 million of annual income for Puerto Rico is on the line...

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Volume 7, Number 23

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Legislature To OK Anti-Death Penalty Resolution, Judge Torruella Favors It…
Legislature To OK Anti-Death Penalty Resolution, Judge Torruella Favors It… Gallisa Censures Calderon, She Won’t Take Sides In Primaries…Former Gov. Ferre Leaves Hospital…Torres Ramirez: Miranda Marin’s Remarks Inappropriate…Schumer Seeks Vieques Medical Aid…1st Trial Over Political Dossiers Begins
Who Will Be The Next Governor Of Puerto Rico?
Justice Chief: P.R. Can’t Stop Federal Death Penalty Cases, Mum On Art. 103…
Justice Chief: P.R. Can’t Stop Federal Death Penalty Cases, Mum On Art. 103…Gov’t Faces $140M Deficit…Heat Exhibition Set…Rodriguez: ‘I Will Be The Last Res. Comm.’…So. Command Holds Exercises At RR …Rossello Opens Campaign… Jury Selection Begins For 1st Death Penalty Case… New Haven P.R. Day Draws Thousands
Gays Defend Diversity…
Gays Defend Diversity…Here's The Pitch -- And It's A Strike!…Berrios To Run For Gov. Again…Hernandez Mayoral Won’t Accept Gov’t Post…Island’s 1K Kidney Transplant Performed…McClintock Will Seek ’04 Senate Presidency…P.R. In Pan Am Games Tuneup…Carrion Defends Himself…Religious Groups Threaten Lawmakers Over Art. 103

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
Local Media Kingmakers
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
San Juan Offers A "Fiesta" For Sports Lovers
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
A Night At The Teatro, Dahling…
  Washington Update
Congress Moves Toward Expanding Federal Tax Refunds To Puerto Ricans… Medicare Reform Finally Expected To Pass -- Could Close Puerto Rico Gap… States Condition Territory-like Medicaid Funding Limits
Statehood & Language

Texas House Of Representatives Recognizes Importance Of Promoting Self-Determination For Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans Arrested For Protesting Decry Classification As Terrorists

Island’s Loss Is Our Gain…Local Control For Vieques…Weigh Decision Carefully…Get U.S. Out…. A Myopic View

  Island Politics
New Cause At Gay Parade: Calls For Repeal Of Anti-Sodomy Law, Protection For Homosexuals Against Domestic Violence

I Want To Live Life, Calderón Says Of Decision Not To Run

  The Local Scene
Puerto Ricans Ready To Rally Against Death Penalty Case…Broad Coalition Urged

Experiment A Cash Boon For Expos:…SJ Has Plenty Of Atmosphere

  Culture, Heritage & Language
Reawakening Island's Culture

Saucy Salsa

The Hispanic Food Market Booms, Putting Variety On America's Table

Paradors Will Launch All-Inclusive Offers For Next Year

Wyndham Makes A Splash This Summer With Spongebob Package For Families

  Sports & Entertainment
Expos Odyssey Continues…Good For The Molinas; A Happy Homecoming For Angels' Catching Brothers

Homeless To Represent U.S. In Soccer In Austria

Pop Eye Robi Rosa's Putting Himself Back In Front…Sassy Salsa & Magnificent Merengue

Bringing 'El Rey' To A Younger Crowd; Tito Puente Jr. Says His Father's Music Lets People Forget Their Troubles For Awhile

Rising Through The Ranks
Amassing Political Clout Latinos Build Civic Awareness, Momentum…In Puerto Rico, Politics Has A More Familiar Aspect
  Puerto Rico Profiles
John Quinones: 'A Rising Star' In GOP Ranks

Luis Salazar: He's The $16M Man…Basks In Spotlight At Age 90

Congress and the President
Forget Typing -- Do You Oppose Statehood For Puerto Rico?

Double Standard Filibuster

  Busine$$, Economic$ & Finance
Terminal Patient? Major Airlines Serving P.R. Are Struggling To Survive. What Does The Future Hold For The Beleaguered Industry?

Schering-Plough Target Of Criminal Investigation By U.S. Atty’s Office: Charges Include Misbranded Drug Sales, False Drug Pricing, & Obstruction Of Justice

Puerto Rico Freight System Files $9.3 Million Lawsuit Against Promoexport

New Condominium Law To Become Effective July 2: Changes Impose New Obligations On Developers, Increase Enforcement Provisions, & Facilitate Resolutions Of Disputes Between Neighbors

Globalization Keeps Clients, Business Ties

Latin Music Sales Slow Down In U.S., While Piracy Heats Up

The Louisiana Purchase & The Destiny Of America
Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,246,767.01
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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