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The continued existence of the U.S. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, in Ceiba, Puerto Rico will be decided in 2005. $250 million of annual income for Puerto Rico is on the line...

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Volume 7, Number 22

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Rossello Begins Campaign On Sunday …
Rossello Begins Campaign On Sunday …Calderon Promises Continuity, Yields On Pay Increase…Jazz Festival Opens…Gays Denounce Judiciary, Rodriguez: Legislature Should Amend Law 54…PDP Solicits Businesses For Donations
Sila Calderon Turns Puerto Rican Politics On Its Head
Ramirez Files For Res. Comm….
Ramirez Files For Res. Comm….Vets Want New Hospital…Police Fail To Reach Crime- Solving Rate Goal… P.R. & Spain To Promote Film Industry…LULAC Supports CRB…Gov’t To File Vieques Cleanup Request…$2.3B UT Only Solution To Heavy Traffic…Economic Anxiety Over Gov’s Decision… What Price Terrorism?
Congress OK’s $130M Grant To Island…
Congress OK’s $130M Grant To Island…Hernandez Mayoral Accepts Gubernatorial Nomination, Seeks Votes Outside Of PDP & Status Resolution….Public Employees Protest To Claim Salary Raise…Calderon Sets Back Women’s Political Prospects…Pataki Praises Governor…65th Infantry Regiment Story Is On Film

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
The PDP’s Bloodless Coup
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
IBF: It's Time For Boxing's Sanctioning Bodies To Work Together
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
San Turce – A Weekly Homage To A Profane Patron Saint
  Washington Update
Drug Companies Move Away From Calderon Tax Exemption Request, She Hires Republicans to Lobby Against Bush Environmental Proposal… San Juan Rep May Become GOP National Chairman… Rossello Holds Fundraiser
  Island Politics
A Dangerous Trend
By Miriam Ramirez de Ferrer

Mundo: Calderon Hasn’t Kept Promises…Fortuño Not Interested In Res. Comm. Post…Martin To Run For SJ Mayor …Gov. Sees No Comparison To Rossello, Hernandez Mayoral Attacks Him, Gets Miranda Marin’s Endorsement…Acevedo Vila Undecided About Future…Santini Confident Of Re-Election…Noriega: Gov. Never In Control…PDP Censures SJ Leaders, Suffers Revolt

The "Empire" Of The U.S. Consists Of Puerto Rico…It Has Decided To Remain A Territory. Some "Empire."
Hispanics: New Group, Old Obstacles
  The Local Scene
Llevame Al Juego De Pelota
  Culture, Heritage & Language
A Novel's Latinas Defy Clichés

For New York's Black Latinos, A Growing Racial Awareness

Lawrence Welcomes Back Hometown Beauty Queen, Miss USA Susie Castillo

Bacardi's Center Of Attention: New Facility In Puerto Rico Recalls Company's Roots In Cuba

Song Adds San Juan To Schedule

  Sports & Entertainment
Ricky Rocks Again…A Return To His Latin Roots

Triumphant Return; Caraballo Rides Winner

Salsa For Everyone

Heredia, Chavez Say Winter Leagues Necessary For Latin Players To Achieve Success In Baseball

Police Reach Out To Hispanics; Spanish-Language Class Explains Job Of Law Enforcement
For Majors, Today Puerto Rico, Tomorrow The World…Baseball's International Stage
  Puerto Rico Profiles
A Message Of Strength / 'I Want Him To See Me Strong,' Says A Mother Battling Cancer
Study: Vieques' Cancer Rates Higher Than Puerto Rico's
  Congress and the President
Affirming Exploitation
Busine$$, Economic$ & Finance
A Matter Of Trust: Uncertainty Over The Validity Of Gov’t Permits Is Worrying Investors & Financial Institutions. Now The Legislature Wants A Hand In The Process

Mission 2025 Gathers Public & Private Leaders To Sketch Blueprint Of The Future: Final Initiatives Could Become The Core Of The PDP’s Economic Platform In ‘04 Elections

Tourism Co. Positive On Local Tourism Industry: Recent Harris Poll Makes Some Nervous

No Money For $1M ‘Made In Puerto Rico’ Products Law

Levi’s & Dockers Pulling Out Of The Island

Go For Gusto On Hispanic Economic Development

Boxed Out; George Foreman Was Reborn In A P.R. Dressing Room

Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,247,031.15
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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