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Hispanic Media Authority Analyzes Spanish-Language TV Coverage Of Iraqi War.

April 8, 2003
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The news media has become totally fixated on covering the war in Iraq, with most broadcast and cable TV networks echoing themselves in terms of style and substance. However, there is a palpable difference to be seen on U.S. Spanish-language television coverage. Just how different is it?

Liz Castells-Heard, President/CEO of the national U.S. Hispanic advertising agency Castells & Asociados Advertising, is currently available for interview on how coverage of the Iraqi war differs between English-language and U.S. Spanish-language TV.

While the Spanish-language TV networks in several of the largest markets, such as Los Angeles, already enjoy top ratings for their evening news programs, it is now, during coverage of the war, that they experience record-setting rating points. It is a well-known fact that Latinos look to their Spanish-language news coverage for information they can trust and relate to because they cover it the way Latinos want, with a humanistic approach.

Liz Castells-Heard can shed light on the various cultural differences Spanish TV covers the war:

- Latinos tend to have greater trust in the accuracy of war news on Spanish-language TV - Spanish-language TV networks tend to editorialize more and put forth distinct opinions from community leaders or consumers openly. The reporters will sometimes banter or at least, show emotion, as opposed to being "balanced," as the English networks tout themselves - Spanish-language TV reflects more upon the war's social and geo/political impact on Latinos' countries-of-origin in Latin America ....especially Mexico - Spanish-language TV offers more personal/humanistic coverage from their communities' point of view and less actual coverage of the war strategy & tactics as seen on Fox, CNN, ABC, etc. - More focus on the ties between soldiers in the field and their families back home - Instead of calling it "Operation Freedom," Hispanic networks call it "Operation Saddam" - Bilinguals are increasingly turning to the Spanish-language news for war coverage. Average overnight ratings are up 15-18% for Spanish networks during news periods - Univision, the dominant TV network, is doing half-hour updates, similar to ABC - Telemundo's coverage is more comprehensive and shows the same excerpts as NBC with daily war coverage during 10AM-2PM period About Liz Castells-Heard

Castells & Asociados is an independent, full-service Hispanic marketing and advertising agency based in Los Angeles. The agency is growing quickly with $45 million in billings and is rated among the top firms in the country. Its client roster includes: McDonald's, Southern California Toyota Dealers, Safeway/Vons/Dominick's, Dole Food Company, CSK Auto (Checker/Shuck's/Kragen), Health Net, Comcast-L.A. Region, L.A. Cable Co-op, Charter Communications, Time Warner Communications, Knott's Berry Farm, HBO Latino, Artisan Pictures, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and various other state and pro-bono accounts.

Liz has a Stanford MBA and 22 years of diverse experience with hundreds of brands at the agencies Conill Advertising/Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB/Needham and Valdes Zacky, and client side with Campbell's Soup Co. She's been voted a top 20 Hispanic Executive by for 3 years in a row. Liz was born in Cuba and raised in Puerto Rico, Europe, and top Hispanic U.S. markets.

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