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One To Watch: Roselyn Sanchez…She Sings

One To Watch: Roselyn Sanchez

By Cathy Frisinger

April 20, 2003
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Basic, Boat Trip and this week's Chasing Papi are all less-than-memorable movies, but the three spring releases are worth checking out if only for one reason: to witness the birth of a star. The 33-year-old, Puerto Rico-born Roselyn Sanchez is a beauty-contest winner and former model, but don't hold her striking good looks against her. She also has acting chops and has proved with the aforementioned movies that she has the screen presence to make even mediocre fare enjoyable. A-list stardom is next on her list, if she can just get ahold of some decent scripts.

Sanchez Sings


April 7, 2003
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You won't hear Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez singing during the upcoming motion picture ``Chasing Papi'' (alongside Jaci Velasquez and Sofia Vergara), nor during ``Boat Trip'' (alongside Cuba Gooding Jr.). But you will hear her on her first solo album, due out this summer.

Sanchez, better-known for her acting and dancing skills, has been signed to a joint-venture, three-album deal by BMG U.S. Latin, which will distribute and market the albums produced by Tres Erre, the company she created with producers Raymond Castellon and Roy Tabare. She says that singing is not a sudden change of direction for her.

"When I left Puerto Rico [at the age of 21] and moved to New York to study, my main desire was singing," says Sanchez, who came close to signing a record deal last year -- to sing in English -- before a movie offer derailed her plans. At that point, she started to think: " `Why not sing in Spanish instead?'

"I said, `What am I doing?' I grew up in Puerto Rico, and I know that music better than rap or something like that," she says. Although she acknowledges that the English-language audience would be bigger, "it doesn't matter. The Latin market is huge. And at some point I do want to make a crossover. We're thinking about it as world music."

Indeed, Sanchez's music is not standard Latin pop. Rather, her Sade-like vocals mix with world and Latin beats, meshing acoustic and electronic elements.

"She has a musical honesty that's very appealing," BMG U.S. Latin managing director Adrian Posse says. The label plans to take advantage of the actress' name recognition and film persona; album promotion spots will probably run in theaters that show her movies.

Sanchez is already planning synergies between her films and her music and envisions singing an "amazing theme song" to one of her films in the future.

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