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DOD Has Granted $62.8 Million In Contracts To P.R. Businesses Since July

Advance Contractor’s $5 Million Contract Latest Of Five Bids Awarded


April 17, 2003
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The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has awarded $62.8 million in contracts to local companies for products and services since July 2002 with the aid of Puerto Rico’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), said Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co. (Pridco) Executive Director Hector Jimenez Juarbe.

The latest contract was granted to Advanced Contractor Inc. (AC) in San Juan. The construction company won a $5 million bid to provide continuous maintenance and repair services to the DOD’s 65th Regional Support Command, Northern Area in Puerto Rico. The contract will allow AC to add 20 new jobs to its 15-employee work force.

"The agreements the DOD has established with Puerto Rican companies like AC for services to its federal agencies have resulted in operational growth and job creation for these companies," said Jimenez Juarbe. "We are very pleased to have contributed to the awarding of these contracts as part of our efforts to promote our local industries."

PTAC is a federal program connected to Pridco that provides local manufacturing, service, and distribution companies with technical assistance, free of charge, to market their products and services to the federal government. The program provides 75% of the funds needed for a contract, while Pridco puts up the remaining 25%. In addition to providing technical assistance, PTAC offers seminars and workshops on federal procurement, laws, and regulations and arranges visits to U.S. mainland procurement centers.

"This program had previously concentrated on apparel contracts for the military," said Pridco Marketing Director Daniel Nazario. "We are now looking at other sectors such as food and medical devices. Another goal is to work with prime vendors, which are companies that are given large contracts but are required to subcontract the work to smaller companies."

Four other companies have won contracts with DOD agencies since July 2002. Joglar Painting won a $30.4 million contract to build structures and installations for armed forces on the island. Propper International has a $27.3 million contract to provide heat-resistant trousers to the military. Opti Manufacturing has a $75,000 contract to produce tensiometers and electric shield plates, and DJ Manufacturing has a $70,000 contract to produce combat field packs.

"Without a doubt, Pridco and PTAC have been instrumental in achieving this contract," said AC President Andres Rodriguez. "The contract will stimulate the company’s development, job creation, and the strengthening of Puerto Rican businesses."

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