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The continued existence of the U.S. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, in Ceiba, Puerto Rico will be decided in 2005. $250 million of annual income for Puerto Rico is on the line...

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Volume 7, Number 15

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Expos Triumph...
Expos Triumph… Fans Welcome Team To Home, Even If Home Is In Puerto Rico… 'I'm Proud To Be Puerto Rican' … 'It's Special For Puerto Rico'… Permanent Move A Long Shot
Navy Announces Drastic Cutbacks At RR…
Navy Announces Drastic Cutbacks At RR... Carrion Accuses Feds Of Discrimination…Puerto Rico Promoted As Caribbean Link To U.S….Island Tourism Stable…Judge Upholds Governor’s Ads…Over 80 Taxpayers Owe Millions…Supreme Ct.: Law 54 Doesn’t Cover Homosexuals…Acevedo Seeks El Yunque Reserve…NPP Legislators Oppose, Calderon Backs Electoral Reform Proposals
The U.N. Role: "What And How Much?"
Bithorn Stadium Ready For Expos…
Bithorn Stadium Ready For Expos…Island Gets $9M U.S. Drug Prevention Grant…Rossello Opposes Increased Public Funding For Campaigns… Miranda Marin Criticizes Investigations…Carmona To Promote Healthy Choices In Schools...VA Hospital Can’t Handle Influx Of Troops From Gulf…Parga Asks For PBPR Televised Hearings…Water Rationing Postponed
Clinton: PR Should Decide Its Own Future, UN Should "Decide The Future" In Postwar Iraq…
Clinton: PR Should Decide Its Own Future, UN Should "Decide The Future" In Postwar Iraq…Gov’t Evaluating Canceling Island Security Contracts…Vieques Wildlife Refuge To Be Caribbean’s Largest…Pelosi Meets With Local Officials…Island Seeks To Host Free Trade Discussions…Signature Collection For New Party Can Proceed…Congress OK’s $23 M For Island Security…4 More Military Units To Be Deployed…PR Advances In Davis Cup

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
The New Campaign Finance Reform — More Of The Same
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Island Takes Pride In Carmelo Anthony’s Roots, Even Though Syracuse Freshman’s Future Lies In The U.S.
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
Cabalgatas: Pub Crawls a la Criolla
  Washington Update
Clinton Calls For Puerto Ricans To Decide Territory’s Status… Acevedo Attacks Rossello On Status Process Proposals, He & Calderon Play Politics With Clinton & Congressional Democrats… Navy Briefs Congress on RR Cutback
Doing Their Duty
  The Local Scene
El Nuevo Dia Starting Orlando Edition

Puerto Rico: Country Outlook

  Puerto Rico Profiles
Proud But Wary; The Parents Of 2 Marine Reservists Are Anxiously Waiting For Their Return

India Burning Again / Salsa Singer Rebounds From Series Of Setbacks

  Island Politics
Ruling May Help Struggling 3rd Party
  Culture • Heritage • Language
War Comes To Guernsey Street

Minister Lucks Into A Mission

Art Collector Carmen Kreeger, 94

Tourists Often Miss Out On Puerto Rico's Appeal

San Juan Voted America’s Most Romantic City

  Sports & Entertainment
Her Son Carmelo Anthony May Be A Star, But This Mom Intends To Stay A Mom

Swing & A Hit Bernie Williams; This Guy Can Play; New CD By Yankee Outfielder Proves It

Even Wallet Can Relax At Patio's Café

Salsa: It's Not Dance. It's Life

Marines Adapt To Austere Home In The Desert…Female Troops Help Lead Charge

A Multicultural Military

Congress And The President
On Affirmative Action, High Court Seeks Nuance

Rove Plots Hispanic Strategy For ’04 Election Win

Busine$$, Economic$ & Finance
How To Succeed In Business . . .Maybe
New Entrepreneurs Are Flocking To Franchises, But They Should Be Aware Of The Risks

Local Macy’s Ranks Among Top 5 In The Chain

Merck To Build $300M Biotechnology Facility: Local Plants Produce 4 Of The Company’s Top 5 Products

Internet Users In Puerto Rico Near One Million

EPA Accord Will Help Assess Fuel Contamination At LMM

Rangers Woo Hispanic Fans

Ireland Takes On World In Biotech Sweepstakes

Left By Her Husband, Hurt By Her Church…Archbishop Backs Divorced Priest
'Remember The Maine' A Cautionary Echo In Rush To War
Planning Underway For Transfer Of Navy Lands On Vieques

Military Training Focuses On Land Use…Area Bases `Very Strong'

Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,250,200.86
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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