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The continued existence of the U.S. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, in Ceiba, Puerto Rico will be decided in 2005. $250 million of annual income for Puerto Rico is on the line...

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Volume 7, Number 13

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Archbishop Concerned With Women’s Advocate Law…
Archbishop Concerned With Women’s Advocate Law…Violent Crimes Decline…Exec. Intervention Aborts Law Firm Investigation… PIP Proposes Prohibiting Gov’t Ads…Gov. Calls Unicameral Proposal Premature, Says Melecio Is NPP’s Problem Now…BPPR Urged To Explain $21.6M Plea Pact…PR Launches Tourism Campaign
Puerto Ricans Have Never Faltered In Their Support Of The Nation
CRB: Acevedo Unfit, Calderon Intolerant…
CRB: Acevedo Unfit, Calderon Intolerant…No Cause Ruling Vs. NPP Legislators Upheld…Santini: Pesquera Should Withdraw… Puerto Rican Vote Backed…European Parliament Formalized…NPP Legislators Defend Melecio Against PDP Allegations…Mundo: Gov. Wants To Use Tourism Ads In Her Favor… Mobilization Drains Ft. Buchanan
U.S. Mayors Award SJ Program
U.S. Mayors Award SJ Program… Thousands Protest War…Rossello Leaves Island…Nat’l Guard Completes Security Plan…Calderon Asks For Tolerance & Unity…Rossello Apoints Melecio As 2004 Committee President, Says Gov’t Should Remove Campaign Slogan Ads…Security Measures Increased…Puerto Rican Artists: War Unnecessary…Coast Guard Steps Up Patrols

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report
Rossello’s New Prescription On Status
  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
With 7 New Courses Planned, Puerto Rico Aims To Be A True Golfers' Paradise
  Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Puerto Rico
A Victory For De Feet
  Washington Update
Samoa Seeks Sec. 936 Extension…Calderon, WTO Oppose U. S. Steel Tariffs…FL Lawmakers Propose Statehood Vote…Senate Budget Cuts Tax Reductions…Judges Propose Naming Federal Bldg For Ferre…Moynihan, Active On PR Issues, Dies…Freely Associated States in Iraq Coalition
When An Extremist Minority Influences International Opinion
By Arturo J. Guzmán
The Conundrum Of Commonwealth
By Garry Hoyt
  Island Politics
Policing Banks: A Not So 'Popular' Way to Get Off the Hook. For Now
  The Local Scene
Puerto Rico Seeks A Higher Profile For Economic Ventures

A Bit Of Debt Abstinence In Store After A Two-Year Binge

  Hot Button
Do Puerto Ricans Want It Both Ways?
  Culture • Heritage • Language
Carlos Beltran Makes Good On Dream Of A Home For His Parents

Goodbye, LI / Puerto Ricans Head South & Rebuild Their Community In Florida

Latinos In Higher Education: Today & Tomorrow

Once You Get There, Puerto Rico Makes You Want To Stick Around

The Impact Of War On Caribbean Nations…Loss Of Visitors Feared

  Sports & Entertainment
Slotted Mainly In Gritty, Urban Roles, Bernicio Del Toro Says Quite A Bit In His New Film, Even Though He Doesn't Have Much To Say

Robbie's Second Coming: Alomar Vows To Prove 2002 Was A Blip

Changing Make-Up Of Hispanic Population To Alter Popularity Of Latin Cuisines

Specialist Luis Feliciano Ready To Scout Out Trouble

Casa By Casa, Police Work To Build Language Of Trust

The Ultimate Dream: Move MLB Team To Puerto Rico
Give Me A Break: Wanting It Both Ways
Puerto Rico Profiles
Carlos Juan Rivera-Colon Gave His Life To God After Prayer Experience
Congress and the President
Suspicious Minds

Graham Wrong To Block Vote On Estrada…Will He Protect Rights Of Latinos?

Business • Economics • Finance
Is It Time For Flextime?
Although Most Politicians Have Steered Clear Of The Hot Topic For Fear Of Alienating Workers (& Voters), Gov. Calderon Has Put Flexible Work Hours & Labor Reform On The Table Again

Torcon Opens In P.R.: Construction Manager To Handle $200M In Contracts; Working On Local Wyeth & J&J Projects

Impact Of Iraq War On Tourism Examined: Even A Conflict Of Short Duration Will Be Profound

February’s Unemployment Rate At 12.5%

Must U.S. Banks Be Kept In Check?

Bookspan Rolls Out Hispanic Book Club

Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,250,200.86
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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