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Changing Make-Up Of Hispanic Population To Alter Popularity Of Latin Cuisines

February 24, 2003
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NEW YORK - Changing ancestral patterns among Hispanic Americans could have a significant impact on the flavors, products and ingredients that define "Hispanic Foods," according to The U.S. Market for Hispanic Foods, a newly published Packaged Facts report available at While Mexicans still make up the majority of the U.S. Hispanic population, Puerto Ricans and Central and South Americans are gaining significant representation in the market.

"The increased awareness of traditional Hispanic foods among the general population is directly correlated to the larger numbers of Hispanic individuals living in the U.S.," said Don Montuori, Acquisitions Editor for Packaged Facts. "As more people from South and Central America move to this nation, their native foods will become important elements in the already vibrant Hispanic food market."

Industry experts predict that food from El Salvador and Costa Rica will be the most promising new entrants into the American culinary mainstream. Cuisines from these countries share many basic flavors with the already popular Mexican foods, but have a tantalizing degree of the exotic that appeals to the more sophisticated palate of today's mainstream American consumer. Caribbean cuisine, such as from Puerto Rico and Cuba, as well as South American foods from countries such as Peru, are also the industry's favorites for newfound popularity in the United States, given the familiar nature of some of the key ingredients in these foods.

The U.S. Market for Hispanic Foods provides detailed information about buying behavior, as well as distribution and marketing trends, product development and foodservice trends. The reports also include historical sales data, as well as market projections through 2008.

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