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Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico & Lucent Launch 3g Mobile Network

By Matthew Hay Brown

March 1, 2003
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Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico, a wireless telecommunications operator on the island, has commercially launched its Express Network, a CDMA2000 1X voice and high-speed data network using equipment, software and services from Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU).

With this third-generation (3G) network, Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico can offer businesses and consumers new high-speed mobile data services such as instant messaging, e-mail and Internet access at speeds of up to 144 kilobits per second (kbps).

Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico is able to offer these advanced services without the need for a substantial investment in new base stations because simple software upgrades developed by Lucent were made to existing Lucent-supplied, CDMA2000 1X-ready base stations. Software upgrades also were made to Lucent-supplied mobile switching centers. The CDMA2000 1X enhancements can double the voice capacity of Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico's CDMA network and increase data-transmission speeds by nearly 10 times, without the need for additional spectrum.

Lucent also provided its NavisRadius 4.2 AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) server software to manage secure network access and usage. Lucent Worldwide Services performed installation, integration, and network optimization and design services for the CDMA2000 1X network.

"The commercial launch of this 3G network can help Verizon Wireless attract new customers through innovative high-speed data services, while also providing significant benefits to their existing subscribers," said Victor Agnellini, vice president of mobility sales, Lucent Technologies Latin America. "We are proud to work with Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico as they continue to evolve their network and offer advanced services to their growing customer base, based on our CDMA2000 solutions."

Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico subscribers are able to access the high-speed network with CDMA2000 1X-enabled devices or personal digital assistants (PDAs) and laptop PCs equipped with CDMA2000 1X PC cards.

CDMA2000 is an advanced and efficient wireless technology being introduced worldwide and an international 3G standard established by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). CDMA2000 cost-effectively evolves a multitude of network technologies to support 3G services.

Lucent's Mobility Solutions Group is a global provider of mobile networking technologies, having deployed more than 70,000 spread-spectrum base stations for mobile operators worldwide.

About Lucent Technologies

Lucent Technologies, headquartered in Murray Hill, N.J., USA, designs and delivers networks for the world's largest communications service providers. Backed by Bell Labs research and development, Lucent relies on its strengths in mobility, optical, data and voice networking technologies as well as software and services to develop next-generation networks. The company's systems, services and software are designed to help customers quickly deploy and better manage their networks and create new, revenue-generating services that help businesses and consumers.

Lucent Technologies can be found on the World Wide Web at .

For more information, call 954/885-2810.

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