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Cheaper To Buy Than Bomb

March 10, 2003
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Last week, I paid $1.73 a gallon for gasoline. Waiting in the cashier's line, I read a newspaper headline proclaiming that the unbudgeted war in Iraq -- should it come (wink, wink) -- will cost at least $105 billion. And that doesn't include the cost of hanging around afterward while we rebuild all of the infrastructure we would have just destroyed.

I'm not about to approve $105 billion to whack one crazy guy on the premise of re-establishing world security through the elimination of weapons of mass destruction and those who might use them, and for sowing the seeds of democracy for an abused population that would be delighted to trade up to a benevolent dictatorship.

If we're going to spend that kind of money, plus the amount we're spreading all over to bribe the surrounding countries, let's simply adjust our attitudes and see it as buying Iraq. Go in, take care of business, and make it the 51st state. Or call it a territory as we did with Puerto Rico, and get back to pumping gas at $1.39 a gallon in time for my summer vacation.

One other option would be to just give Israel a chunk of that $105 billion and let it take care of Saddam Hussein for us. When this mess is over, Israelis are the only ones likely to be talking to us, anyway.

Ira L. Morrison


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