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Absolut Launches Absolut Ritmos, JMD Communications, SJ, to Build Brand With Hispanics

National Marketing Campaign Celebrates Traditional and Contemporary Latin Rhythms

January 27, 2003
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MIAMI - Absolut Vodka today announced the debut of Absolut Ritmos, its first marketing initiative designed to build brand awareness with Hispanics. The national campaign takes its inspiration from Latin music, mixing old-style Hispanic rhythms and popular Latino beats with contemporary techno and dance music. Absolut has chosen Miami, the Latin music and entertainment capital of the world, as the launch market for this campaign. Miami is considered to be a cultural nexus with perhaps the highest convergence of Hispanic cultures and home to the most important Latin music labels. Absolut Ritmos, which translates to Absolut Rhythms, includes a combination of print and radio ads; point-of-sale merchandise; on-premise, music promotions and special events.

"We are very excited to reach out to the Hispanic market with a campaign that pays tribute to Latin music," said James T. Goodwin, Vice President of Marketing of The Absolut Spirits Company. "Absolut has a long history of creatively communicating our brand through arts and culture and Absolut Ritmos follows in this tradition."

Absolut Ritmos' Live Music

Absolut Ritmos' live music program includes the integration of contemporary music with a unique multimedia performance designed by a video jockey, Latin percussionists who "jam" with disc jockeys, and a choreographed dance troupe. The promotion will tour nightclubs and appear at special events in each market.

Absolut Ritmos Ads

Absolut tapped JMD Communications, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to develop the Hispanic marketing campaign. Graphic images for Absolut Ritmos print campaign have been designed by leading Hispanic artists.

Absolut Ritmos' Akademi

Absolut Ritmos launches January 28th in Miami with a special event for South Florida's bartenders and nightlife-influencers. More than 50 top bartenders will receive an exclusive training on the latest Absolut flavors and drinks that will awaken the Absolut Ritmos in Miami's hottest nightclubs and bars. The Absolut Akademi will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. at Nikki Beach Restaurant on Miami Beach. The evening will feature a mouthwatering Absolut menu created by Chef Frank Jeannetti, consisting of an "Absolut Citron" lemon chicken with candied sweet potatoes; an "Absolut Kurant" roasted pork loin with cumin spiced black beans, and an "Absolut Peppar" paella with saffron rice and roasted sweet peppers.

After 9 p.m., the Absolut Ritmos Miami soiree kicks off at Pearl nightclub with live performances that bring together traditional and contemporary music, Latin percussion, dancers and new Absolut drinks.

Absolut Ritmos, which will cover the South Florida region during the next couple of months, will expand to New York and other Hispanic markets later in the spring.

The Absolut Spirits Company, a business area within V&S Vin & Sprit AB, is the brand owner and producer of ABSOLUT VODKA, ABSOLUT PEPPAR, ABSOLUT CITRON, ABSOLUT KURANT and ABSOLUT MANDARIN. ABSOLUT is the third largest international spirit in the world and is available in 125 markets. ABSOLUT is made at the distilleries near Ahus, Sweden. The head office is in Stockholm. The Absolut Spirit Company, Inc. imports ABSOLUT in the US and distributes the brand through Future Brands, a joint venture with Jim Beam Brands.

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